Friday, July 1, 2011

Thor: Sif (Bonus)

Just found out that I'm going to be out of town for the July 4th weekend so I have to make this one quick. ^_^; Continuing the Comic Book Crossover, here is a tribute to the Asgardian Warrior Goddess Sif. Enjoy guys!!

(Various webfinds of Sif and her actress Jaime Alexander. Massive thanks to Wikifeet for supplying a ton of images of Jaime barefoot. :-D The comic scenes you guys are probably wondering about are from Sif issue 1)

Sif is a powerful Warrior Goddess who has a long standing romance with the God of Thunder. Though she only has a brief cameo in the Thor film, Sif definitely managed to attract my attention. I immediately tried to find barefoot images involving her. As luck would have it...both her actress and her comic part counterpart had some good material available. Being a strong and powerful woman, Sif definitely has a dominanting quality to her that many of us really enjoy. Since she's a goddess, worshipping her feet seems only natural. :-)

ok not a full end of the week summary but I will touch upon a couple of things briefly. Here's the Comic Book Interactive Overhaul Status
I'm still working on a lot of additions but I did manage to add a couple of chapter's involving Emma Frost's feet. Also massive thank yous go out as well to the authors Venom and the CEO who added story chapters for Barbara Gordon, Emma, Giganta, Ember Mclain, Poison Ivy, Supergirl and Psylocke. ^_^

ok...going to have to save the spotlights for next time. I'm going away for the July 4th weekend but I will definitely post again if I can. :-)

Have a great Weekend guys!


  1. Wow! The second pic is an instant classic for me! Such an awesome fighting beauty remebering her battles while showing such lovely foot! And the actress who portray her have nice feet for sure! Really a nice post, KSC, thanks!

  2. Thanks very much Bountydog. I really love the second pic too. Amazing that they gave such a beautiful shot of her feet. :-D