Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter: Hermione Granger (Bonus)

Ok closing out the Harry Potter women tributes. :-) Here is the Harry Potter final girl Hermione Granger.

(Once again a combination of pictures from a variety of sources including the Mousepad and Wikifeet involving Hermione and her actress Emma Watson. I also have to give a massive thank you to Juancho for helping me find a lot of these Emma images and helping to inspire these tributes as well.)

A little bit of an extra bonus a video containing barefoot Emma moments during her visit to Bangladesh.

Hermione is one of the three main characters in the series and the lead female character of the story. She is very intelligent and a hard worker (sometimes overly so) with a good heart. As a strong female character you really have to admire Hermione a lot. A lot of times, her quick thinking is responsible for getting the team out of a jam. :-) Not counting defense against the Dark Arts where Harry has displayed slightly more skill than her, Hermione's magic skills are probably the best in the group. The author of the series J.K. Rowling has admitted she used qualities from herself in the development of Hermione's character (not all of them positive) so there is a very human feel to her.* Like a lot of the characters in the story, Hermione isn't perfect which makes her all the more lovable. ^_^

Hermione and Ron (another lead character in the Harry Potter books) develop an ongoing relationship in the book which culminates with the two of them being married in the final book's epilogue. I was really happy to see these two get together in the book because these two are my favorite pairing. They do fight a lot but its obvious that they really care about each other. I love the romantic tension between them. :-) J.K. Rowling really did an amazing job writing their relationship. The movies sadly had to cut some of the scenes involving them, but they kept a lot too. I really recommend that you guys read the last two books for some of the best scenes though.

I started reading the series before any of the movies came out and of the three main characters, Hermione probably looked the most different on screen then how I imagined her when I was reading the book. (I sort of pictured her with more of the nerdy type of appearance.) However, Emma Watson was so amazing playing the role, it became very hard to picture her looking any other way in the books. That's really saying a lot because usually when I read a book, the way that I initially picture a character gets stuck in my mind. For Emma to break my preconceptions she really had to blow me away (which she totally did). Critic wise a lot of people agree that Emma really did an amazing playing Hermione Granger. Having watched the series since the beginning, it has really been amazing watching the cute albeit a tad precocious girl develop into an intelligent and beautiful woman. Emma has really grown up a lot along with her character too.

Alright guys. before we close things is one quick Harry Potter Story Spotlight. ^_^
Hermione Granger's Shrunken Toy by 2much2do
There used to be a lot of really cool Harry Potter stories on WDC but sadly most of them were taken down. This one involves Hermione Granger shrinking the main character and making him her pet including some really nice foot chapters. :-)

Ok everyone that's going to do it for tonight. ^_^ I hope that you guys enjoyed these posts, I know that its not my usual thing but appreciate you guys bearing with me through them. These books are one of my favorites series and I really was happy to give the movies series a proper sendoff. Anyway, I'll post the last comic book girl next. ^_^

Until next time guys. :-)

*I should probably mention that a lot of J.K. Rowling's characters (Harry and Ron included) have a nice human feel to them too. They don't feel like stereotypes and the reader can easily relate to them. ^_^


  1. Such bewitching pics of the lovely Miss Watson's feet, KSC. Awesome. ^____^

  2. Oh, great set! She looks really awesome with short hair, in my humble opinion! Really lovely feet and great choice for shots! About the break for anime fett in favor for some live-action feet bonus I feel it like a good idea. I breaks the flow but in a right way, varying the materila on the blog is a way to keep it fresh! Really appreciated your choice, Ksc! Lokking forward to next post...a comic book one, eh?

  3. Thank you very much guys. I'm really glad that you liked the pictures. :-)

    Yup a Comic girl is next. ^_^ I'll to keep some variety sometimes to spice things up. :-D

  4. Oh yeah...I just watched the final movie yesterday. It was great :-) Such an awesome way to end the series. ^_^

  5. Eh, hope I find the time to go see it too! I usually go see the movies with my girlfriend, she's the biggest fan! Sorry for my precedent post to be messy with grammar, was in a rush and didn't pay much attention, sorry -__- ! I was just saying that such entries like the Harry Potter girls are VERY welcome, a well timed break in the flow makes things hotter, in my opinion! Thanks again for the post!

  6. That's great Bountydog...I think you both would probably enjoy this film a lot. ^_^ I knew what you meant. :-) Thank you so much again for the positive feedback on these entries. ^_^

  7. Please,Triton don't pollute your blog with liveaction stuff again. Anyway my latest batch of Debooting fights are up now. Incl;uding the obne with the Sailor Moon Villainesses.

    P.S. Harry Potter is Way Overrated

  8. :-) I'm guessing you're not a Harry Potter fan Stefan. :-p Well probably no live action posts for the immediate future. I think I'll post my last comic girl and then do some cartoon and anime posts. ^_^

    Like I said before though I do try to post a variety because I am catering to a wide range of tastes. Part of the fun of having a blog for me is the freedom to post whatever I want and fulfill many different types of fetishist fantasies. For those that enjoyed the live action girls...they'll be back again. :-D

  9. Yeah, this blog has had live-action girls since the beginning. I still go back to check the first Sonya at times :)

    As for this bonus, the funny thing when I showed KSC Emma Watson pics is that I wasn't even thinking about a post about her :D Haha.


  10. Yeah Emma really is a gorgeous actress. :-D Thanks so much again for her Juancho. ^_^

  11. Agreed, she is so cute! About the Sonya was about Bridgette Wilson, am I right? Always loved her! She got really beautiful (and big feet, size 11.5)!

  12. Yup...that's Brigette Wilson. :-D Yeah I like her feet a lot too. Wow...I knew her feet were big but I had no idea that they were that size. Wow...that is really hot!!

  13. Indeed, other than her being so beautiful having such big feet really made her one of my fave! But also Kristanna Loken, size 12! And Kristanna is really annoied by her big feet..maybe she never met someone who really gave her a well done foot massage :D !

  14. :-D I really like Kristianna Lokan a lot too. Aw that's sad if I was her boyfriend I'd definitely make sure that her feet got that kind of attention. :-D

  15. O_O damn can't believe I missed this 1 lol - Emma Watson is beautiful, and she has very beautiful feet 2 :D