Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter: Nymphadora Tonks

Ok next up we have the beautiful Nymphadora tonks. ^_^

(Various Webfinds of Nymphadora Tonks and her Actress Natalia Tena. The Foot images are from Wikifeet)

Tonks is one of those rare characters in the book whose appearance onscreen got me to pay more attention to her. The Harry Potter novels have a ton of side characters so she sort of just slipped in with the others unnoticed. That was not the case on the film. Eventhough her role remains a cameo...I really couldn't help staring at the purple haired goth dressed auror going wow. Tonks is geniunely a pretty cool character. I like how she can change her shape and hair color which she often does for comedic effect. ^_^ She also seems to be a really powerful witch as well being able to go toe to toe with some of the Death Eaters. She has a sweet relationship with the werewolf Remus Lupin but since they are both side characters there is a minimal amount of screentime available to both of them.

Looking over the pictures, I think that Natalia Tena has what I call the Quorra factor meaning that she looks hotter in her costume. I do like the picture involving her with Luna Lovegood. I guess hairstyle makes all the difference. ^_^

Tonks proved popular enough that she actually had her own interactive on involving her making Harry her foot slave. I was really hoping to link to it in this post but sadly it's been taken down. ^_^;

Anyway...more Harry Potter girl action to come guys. ^_^


  1. The "Quorra Factor", eh? Nice definition, i like that, really fitting! :D Fine lady and nice shots of her feet. Love the view of her soles in pic 04 and her crossed leg sitting while barefoot in the 05!

  2. UGH! I can't Believe this is happening. I think I'll start calling you Stuart Snyder Jr. if you keep this up.

  3. Thanks very much Bountydog. Yeah the sole shot in picture number 4 is great.^_^ I wish the films had a scene of her stripping off her boots and stockings it would have been really fun to watch.:-)

    Bear with it Stefan. It's one series of tributes in 10 years. ^_^