Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zenescope's Return to Neverland: Belle

Sorry for the delay posting guys. I was working on some projects but more on that in a little bit. Anyway, our next comic book girl up is another rare Zenescope hottie. The lovely Tinkerbelle from Zenescope's return to Neverland. ^_^

How come the villain always wind up getting hot girls that let him treat them like dirt?

I haven't read this issue so it's possible the blonde fairy above isn't Tinkerbelle. Consider her a cameo. ^_^;

(A variety of cover artwork webfinds and panels from various issues of Zenescopes Return to Neverland series)

Compared with her Disney counterpart, this version of Tinkerbelle is a lot darker and sexier (like most of Zenescope's takes on fairy tales characters). She dresses in black with a minimal amount of clothing and she has a tragic past. Despite the fact that she is dressed like a dominitrix, she is actually quite submissive especially to her master (an evil version of Peter Pan). That's not to say she hasn't done her share of bad things in the series though most of them happen in a misguided attempt to win her master's affection. I guess she's sort of like Harley Quinn in that way. Unlike Harley however she does eventually stand up to her master.

One interesting thing to note is that while Return to Neverland's cover artwork depicts Belle's feet as barefoot (or near barefoot) the actually artwork inside depicts the pixie as wearing boots. This does seems to follow a trend with Zenescope's cover artwork often outdoing the artwork inside an actual issue. Despite having more of a supporting character role in the series, Belle winds up appearing on the cover artwork for the series a lot (often on collector edition specialty covers). It does makes sense from a marketing standpoint because she is incredibly hot. I can definitely imagine her raising sales quite a bit. ^_^

Ok moving on, let's talk
Comic Book Interactive Overhaul Status
Actually there are a lot of great new chapters added thanks to the authors The CEO, Venom, Melroser76 and His Divine Shadow. Storylines added to the interactive include a thread involving getting shrunken and made into a footslave by the goth villainess Ember Mclain, Getting kicked around by the Black Widow, being forced to worship the Enchantress' feet, becoming a footslave to Miranda Cross, getting interrogated and tortured by Emma Frost's feet and developing a foot fetish for the Scarlet Witch's feet. A lot of really good stuff. :-) Part of the reason that this blog entry took so long to post was that I was working on the Emma Frost thread for this interactive. I actually didn't intend to add to Emma quite so soon but I got inspired by writers for the story. ^_^ I'm going to continue adding to the interactive throughout the week. :-D

A lot of really big things happening on this week with a massive amount of interactives being updated and some new stories being added so let's go for a double-sized segment. ^_^The highlight of this week is that the Foot Fetish writing legend Melroser76 is back in full force opening a new interactive devoted to the smell of Ninja and Kunoichi feet. ^_^

Smelly Ninja/Kunoichi Feet
Ah the sweet smell of ninja feet. Basically the premise of this interactive includes Ninja girls using the smell of their feet to torture others. Hotties in this interactive include Ibuki from Street Fighter, the Naruto girls, Misao from Rurouni Kenshin, the Ninja Scroll girls, Ayame from Tenchu, Ayane from Dead or Alive and a ton of others. So far there are some great arcs underway with SF's Sakura getting punished by Ibuki's feet and Misao torturing Yahiko. I added to the latter arc myself. You also have some great additions from Sauurman and Melroser has been consistently adding chapters to the interactive too. In addition to that, Melroser also asked me to mention if you guys have any requests for him...just let him know.

Also updating and looking to expand his interactives this week is another returning author Retrogamer. Recently he's been working on some storylines involving the Street Fighter girls for his Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy Interactive
While the storylines are still developing, one of the Street Fighter girls he has been adding to is the taekwondo hottie Juri. Definitely need to keep an eye on this thread in the future. :-D

Speaking of Retrogamer, there have been some nice updates to his other interactive as well...
The Legendary Don Turtelli
The arc that caught my interest was a series of chapters involving the lead character tickle torturing the Dragon Ball women by Ishimura42. Hot!!

Ok next is a Sailor Moon girls domination storyline added to
Anime/Videogame Feet Torture Interactive by Mr. Cool
While I spotlight this interactive often (usually for a great arc involving the Nintendo girls), one of the storylines I overlooked is a great arc involving the Sailor Moon women. I meant to spotlight this story involving the main character become a footslave to Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter when it was first added by the author Sivart but I didn't get the chance. Recently calling it back to my attention are some new chapters added to the story by Capt. Wolf. With two excellent authors and the triple threat of three gorgeous senshi dominating you with their feet, this arc totally rocks!!

Ok last up is another story that I tend to spotlight frequently
Fantasy Foot Fetish Mansion by Breakthewalls
I know that I spotlighted this interactive recently and that Breakthewalls is planning to update again later in the week but I couldn't resist letting you guys know about a recent update he added to the Flannery story arc. (I guess I have a soft spot when it comes to fire girls ^_^;)The latest chapter added this morning has the fiery gym leader teasing the main character by rubbing her feet in his face. Hot!! Actually since I last spotlighted this story, the interactive has had alot of storyline updates including more Assassin's creed women chapters by AlexandraS90 and a new chapter involving smelling Jaina Proudmore's boots by the author Digital Blasphemy. ^_^

Ok guys that's it for now. 1 more comic book post left to go. :-) I guess the finale is next. :-D


  1. Great post Triton. Belle has some sexy fairy feet...maybe she can use to rub fairy dust on my face ;)

    Anyways, I hope the next person is a certain evil sorority girl :D

  2. Thanks Tristan. ^_^ Hee Hee I bet we would all be thinking some very happy thoughts if she did that. :-D

    O_O I forgot about her. (She's going to kill me for that isn't she?). ^_^;I'll try to find some good pictures to tribute her.

  3. Thanks for spotlighting my WDC works. Hopefully this will drumup some help for my Interactives. I need all the help I can get.

    Its Great To Be Back! :D

  4. No problem Stefan. Good Luck with your writing. ^_^

  5. If you ask me, it makes a whole lot of sense to have Tinkerbelle and the other fairies to go barefoot all the time.

  6. Thanks Cyberchao X ^_^

    Yeah I would have really loved for them to do that too Shadowmandude. :-)

  7. That's one hot fairy you got there. ^___^ Glad you mentioned though that she wears boots in the inside pages- that's pretty annoying of the artist/comic book creators... anyway, great stuff!

  8. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^ Yeah I really wish the inside artwork had stuck with a barefoot design for her.

  9. Whoa, nice post! Really a shame the inside artwork didn't stuck with the barefoot design...Maybe the artist is a bit lazy? Well, feet are one of the most difficult part of the body to draw, to be honest. It helps if you are an artist and a foot lover, you'll be able to overcome such an obstacle with your passion! :D Anyway, thanks to for this post, plenty of nice fairy feet! Love the art were she weas such stirups, like in the last pic! Always loved them! Looking forward to the next comic book post! Keep up the good work KSC!

  10. Thanks very much Bountydog. ^_^ Yeah in general the artwork inside the comic issues for this series isn't quite as good as the cover artwork. Maybe because the artist has to draw multiple pictures for each issue that he starts cutting a few corners. ^_^; I also really love the stirrups pictures too. I hope if she ever makes a return appearance they keep that design for her. ^_^

  11. Hey,KSC,SoleKeeper guess what's coming back to my Blog? Fantasy Debooting League:The FDL.

    I hope you guys check it out and enjoy the hottnes that is 2 Women trying to remove eachothers footwear.

  12. Awesome Stefan...the FDL rocks. ^_^

  13. Thanks. The first match is up now.

  14. Cool Stefan...I will check it out. ^_^

  15. Mmm, thanks for the highlight again. I got goaded into writing the Sailor Moon story from one of your usual contributors His Divine Shadow.

    Hopefully it works.

  16. O_O came out great. As a big Sailor Mars fan, I really liked the way that you and Sivart depicted her dominating and teasing. It was really a lot of fun to read. :-)