Sunday, July 17, 2011

Harry Potter: Bellatrix Lestrange

Continuing with the Harry Potter women, here is a tribute to Bellatrix Lestrange. The Villainess of the group. ^_^

Heh heh even when she's not wearing her Bellatrix costume, Helena Bonham Carter has a sort of innate goth look to her. ^_^

Looks like Bellatrix Lestrange is having fun with Hermione both on and off the camera. :-D

(Various webfinds of Bella and her actress Helena Bonham Carter from different sites around the web. ^_^ Many of these are from Wikifeet too. Before these Harry Potter tributes come to a close I want to give a special thank you to Anonymous 987 for suggesting these women way back in April 2010. I do try to pay attention to what you guys suggest even if it does take me a long time to post them. ^_^;)

Three words describe Bellatrix Lestrange...Witch be Crazy. This woman is psycho. Not only is she fanatically obsessed with her pleasing her leader Lord Voldemort, she revels in carrying out his orders in the cruelest way possible. Through the course of the series, we've seen her manipulate, torture, and kill to accomplish her goals and enjoy every second of it. Not only was she part of the group of Deatheaters that tortured Harry's friend Neville's parents to the point of insanity, she is also reponsible for killing Harry's godfather Sirius Black (who also happened to be her cousin as well). She doesn't show any remorse for her actions instead she brags and laughs maniacally about it. ^_^ Don't let this witches psychotic behavior fool you, she is smart and calculating too. There is a scene in the seventh book where she manages to capture, Harry, Hermione, and Ron really distinguishing herself from the typical run of the mill henchman a lot of the other Deatheaters are.

Having a superiority complex to people without magic and non pureblood witches and wizards, Bellatrix probably would enjoy putting you at her feet worshipping them like you belonged there. Though given her evil nature I doubt it would be a lot of fun for you. She probably would use her magic to shrink you down and put you inside of her boot or maybe turn you into her footwear itself. Either way its probably best to avoid her and daydream about her feet from afar.

I really have to give her actress Helena Bonham Carter a lot of credit for playing her really well. I never imagined her to be physically attractive while I was reading the books but seeing Helena in the!! Not only was the actress able to preserve the disturbing psychosis and evil nature of Bella's character, she added a sensual and seductive element to her as well. Watching her in the role, I imagine a lot of guys would be asking it wrong to find a woman laughing maniacally as she tortures or kills someone hot?

Anyway one last Harry Potter girl bonus left to post...can you guess who it will be?


  1. Eh, Helena Bonham Carter really did an amazing job portraying such a villaness! She really gave her touch to the charcters, not making it came out as a plae "laughing psycho" but developing factes and style. Really impressede with her. And I agree, Helen really have sort of a innate goth vibe in her! Very nice set of phosot, love her well exposed feet in pic 6: really cute toes even if not with nailpolish. Pic 11 with Emma Watson (that is REALLY cute with short hair in my opionon) is really funny, plus have her barefoot, showing nice painted toenails. But my favourite is pic 4: she polishing her toenails. always thinked that a woman doing that looks really sexy! Thnak you very much for the post!

  2. Thanks Bountydog. ^_^ Yeah Helena Bonham Carter really did an amazing job portraying Bellatrix. :-) O_O I loved pic 4 too. Seeing a girl polishing her toenails is really hot. For some reason my second favorite is the 9th picture where Helena has one shoe off. It's sort of like the equivalent stripping for foot fetishists. :-D