Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter: Cho Chang

Moving along. Our next girl up is Harry's Ex girlfriend the beautiful Cho Chang. ^_^

(More webfinds and foot pictures from Wikifeet involving Cho and her actress Katie Leung. I'm really pushing my web searching to the max today. ^_^)

A young witch, a year ahead of Harry in school, Cho first appearance in the books is playing Quidditch* against Harry's team. She plays the same position as Harry playing the role of seeker for the Ravenclaw team. The position requires speed, intelligence and dexterity so as you can imagine Cho posesses all three. She's not as good as Harry is in the story though and her team loses to him. Later in the series Harry and her date for a bit though it didn't quite work out for them.

Cho is great girl. She's pretty, nice, intelligent and has a heroic heart. She had enough charm in the story that I couldn't help rooting for her and Harry when they were together. It's not quite as sweet as Ginny and Harry are but it isn't bad either and she stayed a likable character even after she had broken up with him. Being an athlete and witch, Cho feet could probably use some attention. I'm sure that a lot of use would love to give her a foot massage or worship her feet after one of her games. ^_^

Ok everyone...the train hasn't left station 9 3/4 on these tributes yet. More Harry Potter Women still to come. ^_^

*The sport of the wizarding world


  1. Sorry, but I'm going to have to play the nerd rage on this one. Cho Chang isn't in Harry's year; she's one year ahead of him.

  2. Here's something way better than Harry Potter:

  3. Whoops...I'll correct that Cyberchao. ^_^

    I'll check it out Stefan but please be a little bit more respectful. Everyone has different tastes. If we were all the same the world wouldn't be nearly as fun. ^_^ While you might not like these posts there are other people that might.

  4. Pretty nice, she looks lovely in dress! Thanks for the poast!