Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter: Luna Lovegood

Ok next up is Luna Lovegood. :-)

(Various webfinds of Luna and her actress Evana Lynch. A special thank you to Breakthewalls for mentioning the scene that inspired this tribute. I probably would have totally bypassed this character if it wasn't for him. ^_^)

I really have to give Evana Lynch a lot of credit for making this character pop for me. She was nominated for two film awards for her portrayal and it is justly deserved. It's not that Luna herself is a dry character in the novels. It's that there are so many characters in the story that she just doesn't stand out as much. It's the complete opposite on the screen where she steals every scene she is in. That's saying a lot considering the Harry Potter films have an amazing cast.

Sometimes Luna can be a little too uh well loony for my tastes but she has a good heart and she is very cute. You can't go wrong with a blond witch. :-D It is very easy to mistake Luna as a bit of ditz with her carefree personality and penchant for doing things outside of the social norm (check out the glasses she chooses to wear in her introductory scene) but she has some amazing introspective moments too where she has remarkable insights into other characters thoughts. She's also a kind and caring character and has a strong personality being happy to be herself even if it makes her an outcast with others. You really have to admire her for that.

One thing to note is that Luna actually has a foot scene in the Order of the Phoenix where she is walking around barefoot in the forest. I felt that her actress was a little too young (14 at the time of filming) for me to cap and post that particular scene here but it does emphasize her carefree personality, nature loving spirit with a dash of zaniness that really make her character so endearing. :-D

Ok guys more Harry Potter Girl magic still to come. ^_^


  1. Lovely pictures. And as for your crediting to the actress, what would you expect from a bona fide ascended fangirl? Lynch actually made her own turnip earrings (like Luna wears in the book) and wore them to her audition. That is just plain awesome. Movie adaptations of books would be so much better as a whole if all of the actors and actresses were fans of the original work.

  2. Thanks Cyberchao X. O_O I didn't know that trivia about Evana Lynch. That's really cool information. ^_^

  3. Oh, tht's some nice trivia cyberchao! good to know! anyway, really lovely pictures! Anohter nice post!

  4. Thanks Bountydog. :-)

    Glad that there are other Harry Potter fans with foot fetishes out there guys. :-)

  5. i do believe Luna went barefoot in the movie

  6. Yes...there's one scene in Order of the Phoenix where Luna is walking around in her bare feet in the forest. ^_^

  7. Has any1 ever experienced going 2 a cinema 2 see a movie, they get 2 like the characters then suddenly a scene pops up where something they liked but never expected 2 see in the film happens? Cos thats happend 2 me at least 3 times XD

    1. - Luna lovegood's barefoot scene (I also felt sad 4 her as it looked cold, like she needed some1 2 rub her feet 4 her 2 keep her warm ;) )
    2. - the scene on the beach at the end of pirates of the carribean 3, where Will is leaving Elizabeth (I have heard rumours that Keira knightley used a stunt-double as apparantly her feet where 2 ugly? :( still it was her face on screen we all saw and its meant 2 be her character anyway lol)
    And 3. When I 1st saw all of Kiki's Delivery Service, I was amazed by the scene where the cows licked her feet XD