Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter: Ginny Weasley (Bonus)

Ok everyone, let's do a couple of side posts. The final Harry Potter movie comes out today so here are a couple of tribute to some of Harry Potter women. ^_^

(These are all webfinds Ginny and her actress Bonnie Wright from a variety of sources. A massive thank you to the good folks at the mouse pad and wikifeet for providing a bunch of the foot related images used in this post.)

I like Ginny a lot. She's sweet and caring but she still has the spicy personality that most redheads are notorious for. One of the things that J.K. Rowling is very skilled at is creating characters that develop and grow throwout her series and Ginny is probably one of the characters that grows the most. Starting off as a shy girl seeing her brother and Harry off at the train stop, readers and viewers watch her gradually develop into a confident and eventually a love interest for the main character. She is really beautifully written as is her relationship with Harry. I really like how it starts off subtly at first giving off hints that the two of them might be attracted to each other and then before readers realize it, they suddenly find themselves rooting for the two of them to hook up. ^_^

When I was reading the series I actually cheered when Harry and Ginny finally kissed. It was one of the best moments in the entire seven books. ^_^ I should probably mention that those two are only my second favorite couple in the series. While the series has a lot of great relationships, there is one pairing that really makes me smile but we'll talk more about that in a future post.

One thing that made me a little disappointed about the later films* is they really didn't use Ginny to her full potential. When you read a book before watching the film adaptation of it, there are usually some scenes that you are looking forward to watching in the film. I was all gung ho to see Harry and Ginny hook up and it was really a massive disappointment to see some of my favorite scenes depicting the couple were either glossed over or non-existent in the film. They still give you the gist of it and the characters do forge a romantic relationship but it just feels like some of the magic involving the pairing was gone.

My minor gripes about the small amount of Harry/Ginny relationship screentime aside, Ginny is a great character that I really like. :-) It's easy to understand why Harry would fall for her. ^_^

Ok guys, more Women, Witcraft and Wizardry throughout the weekend. ^_^

Until next time.

*This is not counting the final film which I didn't see yet. ^_^;


  1. God Damn It!!! Stop With The Live Action Stuff! Jesus Christ,Triton Don't You Dare Go Stuart Snyder On Me >:(

  2.'s only for the weekend. ^_^

  3. Eh, pretty nice! Really like the contrast between her milky skin and those red painted toneails :)

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