Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter: Padma and Parvati Patil

A little bit of a double post for you. The twin witches Padma and Parvati Patil. Enjoy guys. ^_^


(A combination of webfinds involving Padma and her actress Afshan Asad and Parvati and her actress Shefali Chowdhury. As with a lot of these bonuses, a lot of the foot pictures come from Wikifeet.)

This one was more of a spontaneous post. While I was looking for pictures of the next woman in this set I accidentally came across a bio for one of these girls and thought why not. Since I can't post one without the got them both.

I don't really have much to say regarding them...they are twins witches and very cute which is massively cool. :-) They have dated lead characters Harry and Ron but they seem to have sort of shallow personalities and nothing really clicked between them. They did join Dumbledore's Army and worked to combat the Death eaters so their hearts are definitely in the right place. ^_^

When I was reading the book, I have to admit that I had no idea they were Indian though it does make sense from their names I guess. I know I wasn't the only one who was surprised by that because my Dad and my friends mentioned the same thing to me too.

Anyway a cool set of minor characters and onto the next bonus. ^_^


  1. Eh, difficult to not love these girls! such a misterious and exotic look in those eyes! Nice!

  2. Thanks Bountydog. ^_^ It's true they really do have nice exotic features. :-)