Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moka Bonus 2

I can’t seem to get enough Rosario + Vampire. After spending the weekend reading all the chapters of Rosario + Vampire I could find, I moved onto watching the anime. While the anime is nowhere near as good as the manga, it makes up for it with fan service particularly where a certain female succubus is concerned ;-) Anyway, two episodes where the lovable Moka dons a swimsuit are the basis for this bonus.

(These pictures were capped from Rosario + Vampire episodes 5 and 9)

Ok if you can stop staring at Moka’s feet and other er physical attributes for just a moment, I’ll give you the lowdown on whether the anime is worth your time. The main problem with the anime is that the storyline is very rushed. The Rosario + Vampire manga chapters tend to be rather lengthy and the anime tries to introduce every character in its 13 episode first season run. I still love seeing the characters in animated form but I just wish the story could have been told at a much slower/more dramatic pace. I’m also not that crazy about the background music used in the series. On the plus side Moka and Tsukune’s voices and personalities come off exactly like I pictured them and there are brief intervals where the anime manages to mirror the manga in intensity. Overall I enjoyed watching the series (the fanservice makes it hard not to) but it has its share of flaws as well. I definitely recommend reading the manga first as it’s much more entertaining.

Ok...I think I'll stop here for now. Enjoy the caps everyone!!!!

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