Sunday, May 4, 2008

Birds of Prey (Bonus)

As promised...Here's the second part of my Bird of Prey bonus series this week. This one's just for the hardcore comic book girl lovers.

(As with the last couple of comic book posts, I've once again been web searching for all these pics. The first is done by Ed Benes, I'm unable to make out the 2nd artist's signature but I have to say that Canary and Huntress look cute in Anime form. The 3rd pic was capped from Justice League Unlimited. the 4th from an unknown artist. The 5th by Diego Bernard. The 6th and 7th pics were drawn byAlex Lei, and last was also done by a Benes (Most likely Ed))
Well no foot shots this time around. A limited supply of comic book foot pictures means I'll be spacing them out throughout the week. However, there will definitely be barefoot pictures in tommorow night's post.
Coincidentally the subjects of this post (Black Canary and Huntress) are the stars of a comic book foot story ending that I've recently added to my comic book interactive here:
My next story addition will once again involve Huntress by herself.
Ok...that's all for tonight!! Thanks for checking in during the middle of the week.

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