Thursday, May 22, 2008

Mai (Bonus)

Looks like I managed a mid-week entry just before the end of the week. Mai is another character that usually doesn't get any attention from me. However, unlike Temari who I was planning to post eventually, this character definitely earned her bonus tribute on her own.

(These were capped from Mai's only barefoot appearance to date in episode 3x05 the beache aka the Avatar swimsuit episode. Sorry the quality of some of these shots...I tried to give you as many shots of her barefoot as I could.)

When it comes to the best Avatar girl, saying that that Azula is my favorite would be a vast understatement. The fire nation princess completely leaves her competition in the dust and manages to dominate every scene she appears in. Naturally, I was thrilled seeing Azula have a small role in the most recent episode (the Boiling Rock 2nd Part) and she didn't disappoint me. However as awesome as Azula was, Mai managed to completely steal the show. For a brief moment the weapon's specialist managed to outshine even Azula (which is not an easy task). Although the fire princess will always be my favorite Avatar girl, Mai definitely secured a bonus spot in my blog.

Well...I have good news for you guys, my schedule has finally lightened up and I should be able to produce chapters at a quicker rate over the next couple of days. Also I'll post my chapter releases, spotlights, as well as plans for the future in tommorow's blog entry.

Thanks for checking in!!


  1. I think Mai is a really cool character too! Mai & Ty lee need to show up more in the series...

  2. I've always loved that gloomy girl. That's what I love about her. But there's no way she'd let me or anyone near her feet, except you-know-who. Anyway, great pics and a great show, KSC


  3. Thanks...I'm glad Mai is so popular. She really grew on me towards the end of the series and I liked how Zuko and her were reunited at the end of the series. She really is a great character.