Friday, May 2, 2008

Black Canary (Bonus)

I was hoping to get at least one or two comic book interactive chapters out this week involving the Birds of Prey but a busy week made it difficult for me to get any writing done. To make up for it, I made one of them the subject of this week's bonus. Since I posted a lot of pictures of Huntress already, I thought I'd go with Black Canary for this week's spotlight.

(This week's caption for these webfinds is a little tricky cause I can't make out which artists drew the first three pics. (while some people did sign it...I can't read their handwriting) The 4th pic is by Alex Miranda, the 5th and 6th pics are by Mariah "Datty" Benes, and the 7th is from Birds of Prey Issue# 82 drawn by Joe Bennett (I got that one off of Black Canary's Wikepedia entry). Finally the last pic is drawn by the rather skillful Ed Benes who is quickly becoming a favorite artist of mine.)
Slightly off subject sidenote: I researched a little into how come so many pieces of comic book artwork I was finding were drawn by artists named Benes. I turns out the three artists who share that name (Ed, Fred and Mariah) are siblings. Ed Benes worked on the Birds of Prey comic for a period of time resulting in a lot of his artwork appearing here quite often.
Ok moving on...
I wasn't able to add alot this week, but I did add a Supergirl ending and a Poison Ivy chapter involving her toying with her shrunken captive. Both are viewable here:
I also added a couple of starter chapters involving my favorite Naruto Kunoichi (Ino Yamanaka) at the Smelliest feet Interactive here:
Ino has had a few appearances in the anime recently :-D Hopefully this will continue and there will be a good scene with her barefoot soon. Also added was another Ibuki vs Makoto chapter by Melroser.
Spotlighted this week...
Sailor Moon Foot Fetish Stories Interactive
StreetFighterDash finally updated this interactive very recently with new tickling chapters starring Sailor Uranus. A guest appearance in the storyline from Sailor Neptune was an added bonus.
Phoenix Wright Ace "Little" Attorney:
I originally skipped over this story at first because I didn't recognize the series but I read it recently and was very impressed. The author Gilgamesh did a good job in putting it together. As foot fetishist, the Franziska Von Karma thread becomes an easy favorite for me.
What I'll be working on over the next week...
Though I probably will only be able to get a few chapters out, over the next week I be working on my Huntress storyline in my comic book interactive. Also check my blog a few times during the week for some more bonuses involving the Birds of Prey.
As July and Soulcalibur4's release gets ever closer...I'll probably be working on my Soulcalibur GTS story more and more. I'll keep you guys informed about its progress.
I'm also going to try to update my backlog next week to give everybody a sense of what projects I have planned in the futures.
Ok that's all for now. As usual stay tuned for more


  1. My favourite Black Canary picture is obviously the one in her karate outfit, enough said. She's one of my favourite comic characters and I thank you kindly for posting pictures of her. And I must admit, Ed Benes is also a personal favourite of mine too.


  2. The picture of Black Canary in the Karate outfit was my favorite too. Thanks again for all the comments DW.


  3. You're too kind, my friend.