Friday, May 9, 2008

Birds of Prey Week Finale: Black Canary Bonus 2

Thanks for tuning into Birds of Prey week. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Anyway, here are the final set of pictures for them starring the blonde bombshell of the team Black Canary.

(Credits: Webfinds of Artwork from Al Rio (Pics1 & 8), Elena Prog (pic 2), Greg Land (Pic 3), Justice League Unlimited (Pic 4), Unkown (Pic 5), Tony...(Pic 6), Avalon_Ink (Pic 7))

Things have come full circle. Black Canary kicked this week off so naturally she should be the one to finish things. Out of all the pictures that I picked for Birds of Prey week, this set was my favorite. First of all, I love shots were the girl draws attention to her feet and there are three pictures where Dinah does this as she fiddles with her boots and shoes. (My favorite is the 5th shot which depicts Black Canary wiggling her stocking covered foot into her sexy black boot). Another nice one is the 3rd picture which has Canary sunbathing (It's great to see her bare feet and boots in the same shot). She also looks absolutely stunning in that last picture as well.

*Picks up jaw off the floor*Anyway...let's move on. I've been working on several chapters at once and as a result haven't managed to post any new chapters since yesterday.

However, there are two stories that I would like to spotlight...The first is the smelliest feet interactive for a great series of Ino additions from authors Melroser and Cryptosporidium: I'll also be working to continue that storyline as well soon.

The other story is the Sailor Moon interactive with a great story involving Sailor Pluto from its moderator SFD.

With Birds of Prey week concluded, I'm going to go back to doing weekly updates for this blog. (well...maybe one or two bonus entries next week). I know I said I would post my updated backlog this week but I'm still in the process of fine tuning it so I'm going to hold off on posting it for now. Next week I'll be working on a variety of stories including my comic book interactive, Soulcalibur story and a few others. I'll keep you guys posted.

Ok that's all for this week. As usual more to come soon!!!

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