Friday, May 23, 2008

Sailor Mars (Bonus) took him awhile but SFD finally managed to write his much anticipated story Sailor senshi foot fetish story involving Sailor Mars. ^_^ To go along with those great chapters, I decided to do my own tribute to the Senshi of Flame right here.

(This caps were taken from Sailor Moon Episode 67. The second of two swimsuit episodes involving Sailor Mars. A Huge thank you goes to SFD for not only inspiring this bonus post, but also recommending good episodes to find Mars barefoot.)

Not only is Mars my favorite Sailor Scout, she is also one of my favorite female anime characters. Chances are that you will probably see her appear in this blog quite often. Also something else to note is that the rest of the inner senshi go barefoot in this episode as well. In fact the disappointing part of this episode is that Mars is the only senshi who does not receive a good close-up on her soles.

Ok...moving on. I only released a few chapters this week. A short Poison Ivy chapter for my coming book interactive.
and a couple of chapters for the Phoenix Wright: Ace "Little" Attorney interactive involving Franziska Von Karma here:

Spotlights: There are also two stories that I would like to spotlight this week. The first is Sailor Moon Foot Fetish stories for its addition on Sailor Mars (obviously)

and the second is a new interactive called Shrunken Girl on Campus by the creator of the Phoenix Wright Interactive Gilgamesh.
This story offers a variety of possibilities (Witches, Videogame Characters, Celebrities etc) involving a shrunken girl. The fact that there is a thread there involving Gina Carano is icing on the cake and I recommend checking it out. I'll try to add to this one soon as well.

Future Plans: week I finally have some time off so I'll be trying to add additions to as many of my favorite interactives as I can. Definitely going to be updated next week is my Huntress comic book thread and I may start writing for a new character. Hopefully I'll finally have my SoulCalibur full length story chapter finished too. Also check some of my favorite interactives for some additions there as well.

Well that's all for this week. As usual more to come soon


  1. Yeah. I agree her feet did not receive a good closeup in that episode. It's quite a pity even if I prefer, by far, Jupiter's - Makoto- feet and soles. Definitely. :)
    She's taller and more flexous than her teammates, has broader soles by consequence and a nice, robust heel a trait that I love in women! But Rei..So enticing.

  2. Yeah as one of my favorite anime characters, the lack of Mars foot scenes is really a shame. Jupiter is definitely really hot too. ^_^

  3. I know its late to post on this topic but i just wanted to let you know i found an AMAZING sole shot for Usagi tsukino/ Sailor moon in ep-140.
    no other shot compares to this one
    at 14:34
    she is in the bath and the first thing that pops up is her delicate little soles!

  4. O_O Thanks very much for the tip Allan. I'll try to cap and post the scene. :-D Sailor Moon's Soles are awesome. ^_^