Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aspen (Bonus)

I was browsing the Comic Vine a few weeks ago when I came across the cover of an issue of Fathom with a gorgeous barefoot woman clad only in a skintight swimsuit. Needless to say I followed the white rabbit and tried to find out more about the series.

(These are a collection various artwork and covers of the comic book series Fathom. Do you guys notice a common theme in these pictures. ;-) My hats off the the publishers...Well played guys.)

As it turns out the female heroine of the series, Aspen, is a marine biologist (which as Match25 pointed out with Gi = barefoot a lot), she also a former olympic swimmer and a member of a group of underwater people (with among other powers the ability to breathe underwater)called blues. Basically, it means she wearing her swimsuit very often throughout the series providing us with some great views of her feet. I bet that her feet are really soft and smooth from being in the water so much.

Fathom's artwork is really good. It definitely helps that Aspen is wearing a swimsuit in every other scene but I love the backgrounds.

Ok everyone that's going to be it for now. Enjoy the pictures and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. got to love a woman who loves to be barefoot

  2. Damn. If only I knew how to swim.

  3. Not only that, but one of my favourite trees is the aspen. Hmmmm.

  4. doesnt get much sexier than that.

  5. almost every picture seems like it came out of maxim magazine lol

  6. I totally agree with you Match.

    I'd bet you'd learn to swim pretty quickly if you had this woman as your instructor Kyle. I'm reminded of a scene from Golden boy

    That's true Mr. E, it does look like it came out of Maxim.

    Thanks for the comments guys. ^_^

  7. Please don't mention Golden Boy, KSC. It'll haunt me for years to come.

  8. same here DW, but you have to admit the pool episode did provide such lovely tanned tomboy soles