Sunday, March 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 10: Results

The 10th poll of the month has finally come to an end. After a whopping 874 are the results.

Using her snakes to tie up the competition...the sexy Jonin Instructor Anko pulled ahead and proved that her feet are the ones that alot of people would love to kiss the most firmly claiming first place in the poll and the final championship slot. (I'll post a tribute for her soon) Trailing behind her Jean Grey claimed 2nd place and the goddess of Flash Yoruichi locked in 3rd place. As for the rest of these gals...they all proved their feet have fanbases of their own each scoring in the double digits (impressive considering a few of these girls were really rare).

As always...I'd like to give a really big thank you to everyone that voted (you guys are really awesome) and I'll try to keep your opinions in mind in future writing and bonuses.

Ok...alot of things coming up. Tonight Anko joins the rest of the previous poll winners in no holds barred showdown for top Goddess in the Anime feet tournament of champions. I'll also post a tribute to the hot kunoichi very soon. Stay tuned everybody!!


  1. So who was my favorite? Well...I'm sure a lot of you probably guessed this one but my favorite was Jean Grey. ^_^

    Anyway, Great voting everyone!!

  2. My fave was Quistis.BTW,my poll has ended as well. Come on by to see the results.

    Y'know with Kyle gone,your're now the Only one who comments on my blog.

  3. how could the lovely ex-captain of the 2nd division come in third behind Jean Grey?

    cant wait to see Anko

  4. and for the next poll, Misty of course, tomboys are the best

  5. I voted for Miss Yukari herself.

  6. Looks like we all had different favorites. :-)

    It would be really nice to give any of these teachers a foot rub. *Starts to daydream*

  7. Since I was still behind her to the very end, Ms. Cut- Yukari let me rub her feet after class. I got an "A" on that, but only a "B" in foot kissing. I wonder what I did wrong. *scratches head*

  8. She probably did that to make sure that you you would try again for a better grade Kyle. Yukari's sneaky like that.

  9. Misty or Sakura..........i would be happy with either*drools*