Sunday, March 15, 2009

Huntik: Zhalia Moon (Bonus)

Hot on the heels of Sophie's bonus, here is a special tribute to the Huntik organization's hottest operative Zhalia Moon.

(These were capped from Huntik episode 13 which is sadly Zhalia's only barefoot appearance to date. *Sighs* If only she would follow Sophie's example and give us a nice close-up. Oh well...just another thing to look forward to in Huntik season 2.)

Just to give you guys an idea of how hot I think Zhalia is...she's the first girl I've ever watched an entire series for just to see barefoot. Maybe its the attractive purple glint to her hair, her sexy choice of clothing or her somewhat Icy persona that makes you think she would enjoy having a footslave but I really like this character a lot. As a hunter, this chick is totally awesome. Not only does she have some of the coolest titans in the series (Basilisk can turn an opponent to stone), she has a really nice set of spells and attacks. (Think extreme Jedi mind tricks) This woman is a master of disguises (all of them hot), and coupled with her hypnosis and illusion powers...she can slip past and disable an opponent before they know what hit them. She also possesses a strong set of fighting skills and has used them to bring many of her enemies to their knees.

I also feel that the writers of the series did a really good job developing her character's personality. Despite the fact that Zhalia seems really cold even to her allies (she grew up by herself so she has trust issues), she has a sensitive side as well and it obvious that she cares for her friends very much. This really leads to some of the most dramatic moments in the series Anyway, she's really a badass character all around.

Ok...moving on its been a busy weekend for me and I wasn't able to post a Friday night end of the week entry so I'll try to post that now. Since I mentioned the one chapter I added this week in my last entry, let's skip ahead and dive right into the spotlights...


It's been a very rough week for writing fans as one of the classic foot fetish authors StreetFighterDash was banned from leading to the removal of over 2000 chapters of writing.* T_T As a result there is a noticeable void in the writing community. In an effort to ease some of that withdrawal, this week's spotlights will take a look at some of the brand new developing stories on WDC.

Ok first up is Beneath Your Big Sister's Smelly Feet by Mr. Cool
The title summarizes the story very nicely. Mr. Cool has written some awesome Foot smelling chapters in the past and he continues to do so with the opening chapters to this story involving your sister torturing you with her huge feet. I really love the choices in this one.

Next is Mr. E's Code Geass R1/R2 Shrinking and Giantess Well...I promised that I would go into more detail about this story in my last entry. The premise of this story involves characters from the Code Geass world shrinking or the women growing to enormous proportions. There are definitely a wide variety of hot Code Geass girls to choose from. Mr. E really goes out of his way to make his stories fun to read using WritingML and pictures to spice them up and provide a better visual picture of the scenarios going on. This one seems to be his most elaborate attempt at that yet. My favorite chapters so far involve Kallen (which I added to), CC (involving a nice addition by the author Lulu about becoming her footslave) and Euphemia.

Next Week:
Things are going to be a little slow next week as I contend with some midterms and school projects but I'll try to squeeze in a little bit of writing. I'm still working on chapters for Huntress and Mary Jane. I'll also attempt a couple more short tributes here.

Until Next Time

*Thanks to the mysterious writer Chris, archives of SFD's writing interactives are currently available for download here.


  1. I HATE Huntik,but I do appreciate you mentioning me. Anyway,I was searching for foot fetish stuff on WDC and I found something interesting:

    Some dude made this in honor of me. That was nice of him.

  2. Oh yeah I saw this story ^_^ I'm definitely going to keep an eye on it in the coming weeks to see it develop.

  3. how dare they not give a close up on her bare soles

  4. Yeah...It's definitely a crime to waste such a hot character. T_T

  5. right when you think shes going to turn all the way over she stays on her side. sigh

  6. hot as she is, Zhalia's quite the tease. :-(

  7. What is it with you boys and cartoon feet?

  8. why are you here if you dont? they are lovely works of art that we wish if they were real that we could worship them

  9. It's difficult to describe why but I really enjoy looking at them (among other things). ^_^;

    As for collecting scenes involving Cartoon feet, its sort of a hobby like Birdwatching but a lot more rewarding. :-)

  10. Well i'm a girl so i'm not really gunna enjoy watching cartoon female feet, it wud seem lesbianish. And bird watching isn't a very interesting thing so comparing looking at feet to tht makes it sound boring. Rather then judging feet i look at other things like how fit a cartoon guy is or how pretty a girl is or what they wear and stuff.

  11. Yeah...this is the type of attraction that you either have it or you don't. If's unlikely that you would develop one. ^_^ I picked birdwatching just as an example of a hobby that some people like but not everybody would enjoy doing.

    I should probably add that feet aren't the only thing that I look at when considering how attractive a female character is. I also look at their physical features and clothing as well as their personality too (Zhalia's personality attracts me to her for example)but I definitely pay attention their feet as well. :-)

  12. lol yeh

    physical features sounds tiny bit wrong but i know what you mean.

  13. If a girl in real life had zhalia's attitude they wud be called a grump but on the show it makes her more likeable, I so wish it were real, life's too boring we do the same old, same old everyday, I mean yeh good stuff happens that I enjoy like going places and nintendo wii's etc but it's nothing out of the ordinary. Even if I wasn't a seeker it wud be kwl if it were real. Sounds sad I know... But it's true and no one can deny

  14. Sorry for the slow's been a busy week. would definitely be really exciting to have the seeker hunts and powers exist in real life. ^_^ I'd love the ability to fly or move really quickly. :-)

  15. Awww! Zhalia and Helia are very similar.. Okay... visit my blog pleaseee..

  16. I jest love the huntik series and i love zhalias character. it is so similar to mine. oh and she is so prewtty :) you guise have really good taste :)