Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Kagome (Bonus)

Thanks to a quick tip from Richfeet, here is another scene involving Kagome barefoot. This time around she’s not even wearing pajamas (or anything else for that matter ^_^).

(These were capped from the Inuyasha episode 58 "Fateful night in Togenkyo Part 2". One again I have to give a massive thank you to Richfeet for finding this scene.)

Some pictures just speak for themselves. Remember to pick up your jaws guys. ;-) promised, here is a well deserved spotlights section for this week...

I have to say that I was very impressed with the sheer amount of incredible writing that surfaced this week. It was great going through and just reading one really good chapter after another from both brand new as well as classic authors. I really love weeks like this. ^_^

Let's start with the interactive closest to home...Comic Book Women's Feet:
While I continue to take my sweet time working on some Huntress and Mary Jane chapters to update this interactive with, the author RetroGamer has brought this interactive back to life with one exciting chapter after another writing foot worship segments for both Psylocke and Helena. His most recent chapter "5 minutes of pleasure" is a definite must read.

In addition to writing for my story, RetroGamer, updated his own story: Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy adding to the Mario girls thread including the first foot massage chapter I've ever seen involving Captain Syrup's feet. Hot!!!

Another author I really enjoyed following this week was the author Kiddo who added a great set of chapters to one of my favorite WDC stories the Naruto Girls Foot Worship Interactive: Obviously, my favorite additions were the new chapters he wrote for Ino Yamanaka (man she's beautiful) but there were also some really outstanding additions for Shizune and Tsunade as well.

Not only did Kiddo blow me away with with his Naruto Girls chapters, he added some spectacular chapters involving Mai Valentine's feet to Mr. Cool's The Smell of Her Feet Interactive as well.

Speaking of Mr. Cool, his interactive Beneath your Big Sister's Smelly Feet continued to receive some great additions this week. Of the variety of creative chapters involving an older sister making her brother get a little bit more personal with her feet than he would favorite was this one.

The last set of interactives I would like to spotlight this week are Howdyboy's. Howdyboy has some of the best foot fetish interactives on the web, but he hardly ever adds to them himself (which is such a shame because he's an awesome writer). That's why it was a rare treat to see him write an addition involving Selphie's feet to his Kingdom Hearts Foot Fetish Stories

I also found myself once again drawn into his I Dream of Genie's Feet interactive thanks to an awesome addition by the author Nabi showing the full range of potential of having a Genie to control. really was a busy week for writers. ^_^ Great Work Everyone!!!

Ok...that will do it for now...but as usual more to come soon!!!


  1. Nice,but I was hoping for more of her barefoot in her School Uniform.

    And Yes RetroGamer is cool

  2. i remember when i read this scene in the the only inuyasha Manga i picked up when i was board. there is alot of nudity they cut out for the anime

    anyway what a nice ep filled with her lovely barefeet

  3. also why did they cancel this series? all of the lovely barefoot moments they could have added. I wish they would at least make one more movie to end it

  4. Great post. Kagome's awesome indeed. ^_^

  5. it is a bit of a downer though just as both of her soles should have been revealed, the red coat blocked the shot

  6. this is the ep where miroku and shippo shrunk. they really shouldve had them closer to kagome while shes walking around barefoot maybe give her a massage to get her attention :)

  7. Amen to that Kyle.

    Sadly in Kagome's case, School Girl uniform almost always = socks SFD. (At least as far as I know)

    Yeah Match I don't know why they cancelled this series either. I thought it was pretty popular. T_T I would have loved to see the rest of Kagome's sole in that pic too.

    Thanks Sole Keeper

    Thanks again for the tip Richfeet.

    Yeah Mr. E, that definitely would have been really cool.