Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Princess Natasha (Bonus)

Just a quick update tonight...a tribute to Princess Natasha of Zoravia. Enjoy guys!!

(With the exception of a webfind from the Princess Natasha videogame, these are from the mini-cartoon Princess Natasha of Zoravia. Once again...we have the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 to thank for those. You rock Match!!)

I have yet to see this series but it's always good to post another princess. The great thing about princesses is that since they have servants to pamper them, their feet are in perfect condition. Judging from the 2nd picture, Natasha is no different. Just imagine how soft and smooth her feet must be. Anyway, with Cinderella, Aurora, Azula, Zelda, Vivi, Diana, Jasmine, Euphemia, Ariel, Melody, Mars, Elika and Farah, I guess that brings the total tributed Princess count to 14. You can't say I'm not doing my part to improve diplomatic relations. :-D

Ok everyone...have a good night and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. i can see alot of job applications going into being a princesses personal servant with all of these lovely soft soles, me included.

  2. you do realize that she only has 4 toes on each foot?

    Princess Natasha was created by the same guys who made Kappa Mikey.

  3. What's wrong, Match?

  4. its just not right to have one toe less to worship on each soft princess feet

  5. Oh yeah, that does suck ass. :(

    But on the bright side, she seems like she's enjoy a little foot worship. Every cloud has silver lining. :)

  6. mmm she does have nice large soft soles that i would love to massage for her

  7. It actually took me a while to notice that she only had 4 toes. It was only after I uploaded the shots and was working on this entry that it hit me.

    As for being a hot Princess' personal foot servant. Definitely the best position ever. ^_^ Not only would you have more than your fill of her gorgeous feet. You'd get paid for it. ^_^

  8. well that is the american dream, to get paid for doing what u love

  9. this show was good, it reminds me of Kim Possible.