Thursday, March 19, 2009

Code Lyoko: Aelita Schaeffer

Finishing an elusive episode hunt that dated back to the middle of last year, here is a tribute to yet another cute pink-haired girl...the Ultra-adorable Aelita from Code Lyoko.

(Capped are from the Code Lyoko episodes "Deja vu" and "Is Anybody Out There". Massive thanks yous to both David for tracking down these Aelita episodes and Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for capping them)

I haven't had a chance to watch this series so my knowledge on Code Lyoko is pretty limited but it looks like it combines both standard and CG animation for a very unique style. In her CG form Aelita looks almost like an elf. (Which just seems to add to her charm). In the series...Aelita's power is creativity allowing her to alter portions of the CG world's terrain, create clones of herself, as well as protective barriers. She definitely seems like a useful character to have around.

Ok everyone, that's going to be it for today but as usual...more to come soon.


  1. I hate the Voices and Artwork of this series..but I like the main concept of it.

  2. very nice, it was always a pain that she would wear those oversize socks but those moments she would go barefoot were always mouthwatering

  3. Hey! I follow your blog, and wanted to tell you that I started a feet thread on the Haruhi Suzumiya Image Board. You can see and take everything I posted there:

    I will be posting more of them as time goes on. Hope you like it ^^

  4. These characters are ugly but those are nice feet.

    In popular psychology, creative people use more their right brain than their left brain. I wonder if that'd also influence the beauty of female's feet ^_^

  5. For such a small girl, Aelita has some really huge feet. I think that even people without a foot fetish would probably instinctively stare at them when she's barefoot.

  6. Also...very nice thread Albel. ^_^