Monday, March 16, 2009

To Love Ru: Haruna Sairenji

Yet again the Master of Sole Shots has managed to completely outdo himself. Check out his most recent find guys.

(This excerpt comes chapter 140 of the To Love Ru manga (appropriately titled "Footsteps of Spring") where Haruna gets sprayed with a potion giving her a drastic change in personality. Once again I have to give a huge thanks to the Legendary Match25 for finding this one)

Who wouldn't want to trade places with the main character? Foot domination in a mainstream manga is a beautiful thing. :-) An interesting sidenote is this is illustrated by Black Cat manga creator Kentaro Yabuki. Just picture Kyoko doing something like that.

*sighs* Once again I find myself in need of an Icy cold shower. Like it really going to be any use after seeing this. ^_^;

Have a good night everyone and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. lol this is great ! xD awesome work !

  2. so great to see her lovely soft soles. Also i couldnt stand the anime version as i usually fast forward through it but was there any good foot/sole shots?

  3. Excellent stuff as always... no anime version of that part? ^_^

  4. sadly no Sole Keeper, the anime itself splits off a different road from the manga after the first episode

  5. Nuts...It definitely would have been awesome to see this scene in animated form.

    I guess the anime is worth taking a look at just for the chances of seeing more of this girl barefoot.

    Anyway, thanks guys.

  6. I love it when a girl wearing classes bares her feet.

    BTW,I was searching for more Foot Fetish fan fics on WDC and found this:

    It's a new Interactive and it looks like it has potential.

  7. Hmm... strangely enough, girls with glasses seem to be very attuned to foot domination. Aside from Haruna here, there's Hidemi Oota in the Great Teacher Onizuka manga and anime who makes guys lick her feet. Too bad for her Eikichi isn't foot fan... ^_^

  8. I'm so glad they transfered the Hidemi scenes into the anime. It's one of my favorites. ^_^

    That's an interesting point about the glasses. Lady Une from Gundam Wing also turns into a dominitrix once she puts her glasses on. (Sadly there weren't any foot scenes involving her though)

    Makes me wonder if glasses have a different symbolic meaning in Japanese culture as opposed to the nerdy/intelligent American stereotype.

  9. awe, i love the geeky glasses girl type :'(

  10. Well...on the other end, I guess I like the quiet studious/librarian girl types too. Babara Gordon definitely comes to mind.

  11. i would happily lick her foot. wouldn't you all?

  12. if they wont, they are on the wrong site

  13. new To Love Ru series called To Love Ru Troubles, it follows the actual manga later in the series. lets cross our fingers this is one of the scenes animated