Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sango (Inuyasha) Bonus

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend guys. It's been a rough week. To make it up to is one of the classic anime hotties for you.

(These are capped from various episodes of Inuyasha including 63, 65, and 159. Once again I have to thank the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for tipping me off to episode 65.)

I forgot how dramatic Inuyasha is. Even breezing through the series for foot scenes packed a powerful emotional whallop. ^_^

I really like Sango a lot. She's pretty, smart, a powerful demon hunter, and she is really close to her family and friends. (I really got a healthy reminder of the latter quality rewatching a Kohaku episode for this bonus.) Plus like all of Manga writer Rumiko Takahashi's characters Sango has a healthy dose of comic relief to liven her character up. As a frequent victim of her traveling companion Miroku's perverted tendencies, she's developed a pretty potent slap to the face. :-D Another thing I really like about Sango is her kickass demon exterminator outfit. Imagine how sore and sweaty her feet must get wearing boots like that. Wouldn't you love to offer her a foot rub? end of the week entry this week I'm afraid. I'm still trying to finish up some Mary Jane story chapters. However, here are some spotlights for you guys.

This week let's focus on Inuyasha stories.

First up we have the one shot story: Feudal Era Fun by Melroser76 and BiggerBetterBarbie This story involves evil gts versions of Kagome and Sango trying to take over the world. Since it is co-written by popular foot fetish author Melroser76 himself, you can bet there are a lot of foot related scenes involving these girls.

Next up is the Anime/Video Game Feet by Mr. Cool
This interactive has a great thread involving becoming a foot slave to Kagome and Sango. Really hot stuff!!!

And Finally Anime Face Massage Therapy by Mr. Cool I seem to be featuring Mr. Cool's work a lot lately. What can I say...I like his writing. ^_^ His latest interactive involves Anime/Cartoon women giving you a facial massages by rubbing their feet against your face. The best (and actually most developed) thread in the interactive so far involves Sango as a masseuse.

Ok that will do it for now...but as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. I'd like to suck on Sango's toes. BTW,you forgot someone for your WDC spotlight. Stefanos' Interactive:

    It's called 'Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy' and it shows great promise. Urge your viewers to add on to this.

  2. Let's give this interactive a little more time to grow SFD. It's better for the author to have at least one good story thread going before I draw attention to it.
    This story does seems to have a lot of potential though.

  3. Right. BTW,have any Ideas for my next Quintet of Darkness chapter? It stars the PowerPuff Girls and Dexter.

  4. it was very nice that she would always wear sandals and go barefoot when indoors, only wish Kagome would as well, curse those long socks

  5. I was wondering when you were going to show my favourite demon hunter, Triton. :)

  6. just curious, is the lovely Kagome next? I know of two eps where she does show off her soles, ep 65 and the Flesh Eating mask

  7. No real suggestions SFD but I am looking forward to your next chapter.

  8. Removing footwear before going indoors is really a great custom. ^_^

  9. She's one my favorites too Kyle. ^_^

  10. Yeah Match...Kagome is next. ^_^ In fact I'm in the process of capping the Flesh eating mask episode now. :-D

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  12. Great post, King. Totally love Sango, a babe among babes indeed in an anime rich with barefoot moments. Have to say though, no babe in Inuyasha can come close to my absolute favorite, Kagura the Barefoot Wind Goddess. ^_^

  13. the only pain with that Sole Keeper is most of the barefoot moments is by Inuyasha

  14. Kagura is definitely a cool character Sole Taker.

    It's a difficult choice but I think my favorite is probably Kagome. I like Sango and Yura alot too though.

    And yeah Match it was very annoying that Inuyasha had more barefoot scenes then all the women of that anime combined.