Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ferngully (Bonus)/Championship Poll

Here's a tribute to the hot fairy Crysta from Ferngully. Try not to stare too hard guys. ;-)

(These pictures are a combination of caps from the films Ferngully I and II. Once again I have to give a massive thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for searching vigorously through the Rainforest just to bring us this sexy girl.)

Crysta is a cool character. In addition to being barefoot all the time, she has a energetic and friendly personality that makes her fun to be around. Plus there's the added bonus of her having the ability to shrink characters down. When we were getting this set of caps and Match were discussing how unbelivably soft and silky smooth a fairy's feet probably would be. I'm gonna need a cold shower after posting this one. ^_^;

As for the original Ferngully film itself. It wasn't bad but I wouldn't rate it as high as some of the other animated films. It did have a good set of voice actors. Nobody does a villain like Tim Curry and Robin Williams plays the bat. Of course the best scenes for me involved Crysta flying/walking around barefoot. Luckily, there are a lot of those. :-D I haven't gotten the chance to see Ferngully II yet so you'll have to ask Match about that one. ^_^ everyone probably noticed...I posted a brand new poll of the month. This one allows you to pick your favorite of the previous winners. Knowing who the candidates were...I had a little bit of trouble deciding the scenario for this one. In the end I decided to go with being these ladies' foot servant because it offers a wide range of possibilities and seems like a lot of fun. I'll sure you're all dreaming up different ways to take care of these girls' feet by now so I'll leave it up to your imagination on what being their foot servant would involve.

Just in case you guys needed a little bit of inspiration while are the female candidates one more time:

Mary Jane Watson:

Ada Wong

As is anonymous and you don't need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participate. I'd love to see what your opinions are. Ok...I guess that's it everyone.

Happy Voting and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. oh yes, but so worth the months in the rainforest to get those caps lol, to bad they never had her grow to a human size

    and for the pool, obviously Misty should win. Also for people voting for Sakura, at this moment is there any more we have yet already posted?

  2. Didn't you already post Ferngully caps? *shrugs*

    Nice job nonetheless.

  3. Yeah Match...It would have been really cool to see her at normal size just because her feet would be so much larger. ^_^

    As for Misty, she's a cool choice.

  4. Yeah I'll definitely have to search around a bit if Sakura wins. I also shudder to think of what Ino would do to me if that happens. ^_^;

  5. Now there is a movie I have not seen in a long time. Good find, man. :)

    And just so you know, I voted for Samus.

  6. It's actually my first time posting Ferngully SFD.

    I think the closest I've come is posting a tribute to Wasp and discussing a tribute for Spryte. Which reminds me...

  7. yes, cant forget the Zelda Girls bonus, especially the feisty Ruto, i cant help i love the tomboy character

  8. Oh yeah...Samus is great character Kyle. I was really thrilled when she won the law enforcement officer poll. She deserved to be in the tournament of champions.

    Yeah the Zelda girls are a great set of women Match. I'll definite make sure to include Ruto too. ^_^

  9. huh we still have yet to have a Zelda bonus. Wouldnt Zelda herself count in this Spellcaster bonus

  10. Robin Williams was great in this movie

  11. human tails? humans don't have tails, they have big, big bottoms wearing bad shorts, walking around going "Hi Helen!"