Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kagome (Mega-Bonus)

One of the obstacles that fans of this schoolgirl's feet had to deal with was that she was almost always hiding them undeneath her socks and loafers. Luckily for us...the chances of seeing Kagome's feet skyrocketed when she was wearing pajamas. ^_^ Enjoy guys!!!

(Ok...these are from the Inuyasha anime episodes 11, 62, 65, and 167. Massive thanks to Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) for tipping me off to episodes 11, and 65. I'd also like to dedicate this bonus to fellow author and Kagome fan Lawliet. It was him that inspired me to post this)

Alright everyone, I could go on and on about how awesome this character is (pretty, smart, funny, great personality, powerful warrior etc) but considering it is pretty late and I have posted this girl before...I'll spare you guys a lengthy entry. Suffice it to I really love this character a lot (and not just cause she resembles my favorite member of the Sailor Senshi). I also consider Inuyasha and Kagome to be one of my favorite anime couples.^_^

One of the great thing about any scenes in the Inuyasha series is that I have the entire series saved on CD so if there is anything that I missed for Kagome or Sango, let me know and I should be able to cap it right away. As you can probably tell from this bonus, the quality of my episodes increases as the series basically the later a foot scene occurs in the series, the better.

Ok...that's going to do it for tonight...but as usual more to come soon!!

*Which in this case could also stand for Kagome Sole Capper


  1. they really should have shown her in her pajamas more often. that and continued this series

  2. Kagome has such cute feet. And Not only does she look like Sailor Mars,but her English VA sounds a little like Mars' English VA.

  3. Their english voice actresses sound alike?...That's pretty cool SFD.

  4. More,Kagome feet,More I say!

  5. aww you forgot "fateful night in togentyo part 2" theres a close up of her feet then. but good caps though.

  6. O_O Thanks for the tip Richfeet. I'll try to cap and post that scene over the weekend.

  7. 3rd through 11th pictures from the bottom. shippo is barely twice the size of her feet and he gets to sleep in the same room . lucky fox

  8. Yeah that fox is incredibly lucky.