Friday, July 2, 2010

Ikkitousen: Goei

Well...while some technical issues with this month's new poll sort themselves out (see announcement post below)...I see no reason why we can't just dive in and continue. Starting right where we left off with the Ikkitousen girls. :-D Here is a tribute to Hakufu's sexy mom Goei.

(These are combination of caps and webfinds from the anime. Once again I really have to give up to Femdom and Scissor Expert Breakthewalls for for finding and capping her (believe me barefoot scenes involving this hottie are extremely rare) as well as organizing all these Ikkitousen girl bonuses. I also want to thank the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for transferring these images. :-D)

As stated above Goei is Hakufu's strict and somewhat crazy mom. She has a habit of referring to her Hakufu as her "Stupid daughter" and has been known to punish her daughter if Hakufu does anything that Goei deems inappropriate or stupid like calling her mom an old hag. :-p Sometimes Hakufu gets punished for really minor things as well. ^_^ Goei is also a really strong and powerful fighter and seems to be able to beat her daughter with relative ease. She also singlehandedly defeated on a gang of fighters that tried to harm Hakufu without any effort on her part. As you can imagine Goei has an insane amount of strength and was able to lift a door, twirl it around a throw it with relative ease. This particular ability was demonstrated when Hakufu accidently broke the door when her mom tossed her through it. Needless to say Goei blamed her for that as well. :-D Despite the fact that two of the them are constantly arguing, Goei really does love her daughter very much and tries her best to keep her daughter's destiny of dying in battle from happening. She was even crying when she thought her daughter was about to die. Don't mess with a mother's love. ^_^

Forgot MILF...Goei is a MWFIWLTW (Mother Whose Feet I would Love To Worship). I love the glasses and reddish brown hair. She also seems like a really dominating and fun character. Actually it would really cool to worship both Goei and Hakufu's feet side by side. Imagine them taking turns dominating you with their feet and rubbing their feet in your face. :-D An interesting sidenote is that Goei seems to enjoy reading "adult novels". A lot of comments come to mind but I'm not going to go there. She's also been known to sneeze in the anime when cute guys talk her which I imagine will happen quite a lot once this entry is posted. :-D

Ok...that's all for now guys but still lots more Ikkitousen to come. :-D


  1. got to love those sexy mom characters

  2. You know I'm curious. Who is the main character of Ikkitousen?

  3. Goei rocks. She's one of my favorite characters of the series. I love those hot, crazy mom characters :D. I would love if she "punished" me by making me pamper her sexy feet ;)

  4. The main character of the series is the fighter Hakufu Digiharrisom. I think that she's pretty hot. :-D

    Would love to be punished by her too Breakthewalls.