Thursday, July 1, 2010


Edit: the font seems to have been fixed but votes seem to be registering unusually. How can there be 3 votes with each of them saying 50%? Anyway I'll leave it up and hopefully the situation will repair itself. ^_^; Thanks for bearing with me guys.

Sorry guys I seem to be having trouble adding a new poll tonight...The font is getting all weird on me. ^_^; I'll Try again in the morning. :-(


  1. No worries. These things appear to happen when ever blogger is doing something new. Check out my new post and see what I mean. Last time they added the Designs options I couldn't even post a new girl.

  2. Thanks very much man. I was pulling my hair out trying to figure it out last night. ^_^; (not really just an expression :-p). At least I got to test out some new layouts while attempting to fix it. It doesn't look like the problem is completely solved yet but hopefully in the future. :-)

  3. Well i dont know who to vote for as its the first time that you have had up more than one character that i really like

    Its either Pan or Roll both are from series i really enjoy and have Major Character that i also like so its flip a coin time lol

  4. Blogger hadn't anticipated that the number of popular characters in your poll would cause an overload. They're working on a fix.

    And the new Naruto ED has some nice Sakura sole shots.

  5. Good luck with the voting Jinto. ^_^

    :-D Hope people's votes will be able to get through. O_O Definitely have to check the new Naruto ending out. Thanks very much for letting me know about it Adam. :-D

  6. Heh, I knew Roll wouldn't have stood a chance against the big guns (Bleach, Avatar and Pokemon).

    I know it's been some time, but that Roll commission is still in the works. I'm second-top on the to-do list now.

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  8. Well seems like it dont matter who i voted for lol as Dawn and Rukia seems to be the front runners

  9. O_O Awesome Veroom.

    Yeah...they seem to be doing well Jinto. I guess those girls are pretty popular. :-D Still a pretty close race...I wonder if these frontrunners will be overtaken before the end. ^_^

  10. Unlikely. Regardless of how desirable the others are, they'll remain also-rans if they're not backed by disproportionately popular shows.