Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poll Results 26

The 26th Poll of the Month has finally come to an end after a staggering 1635 votes and 0ver 375 different women mentioned (many thanks to P for helping me complete the list) are the results.

Yup its guys love blondes. Overwhelming the other categories by at least 100 votes, these bombshells took the lead fairly early on and just kept climbing; totaling 389 votes before this was over and proving that their feet are the ones that most fans would love to lick. In second place were the redheads and the black haired women took third. (As Veroom pointed out a very surprising victory for realism.) Of the more exotic colors...the most popular choice was blue but none of these girls did that badly and even the ultra obscure white haired girls managed to find a decent amount of foot tasters. Mmm Vanilla flavored feet!! :-D

As always I just want to give a massive thank you to everyone for voting and I'll definitely try to keep your opinions in mind for future bonuses. :-D Wow...with 102 different blonde hotties mentioned I don't even know where to start. ^_^; Are there any of them in particular that you're looking forward too?

Anyway, first things first. I'm going to try and finish the last of the Ikkitousen girls by the end of this week and then I'll try to tribute a few blond favorites. (I have a couple that I'm looking forward to doing but I'll try to accommodate any suggestions too). I'll also post a new Poll of the Month later tonight. ^_^

Have a Great Day Guys!!


  1. So which of these sets of women were my personal favorites? That would have to be Purple haired girls. Grape Flavored Feet Rock!!

    Anyway Great Voting Everyone!

  2. well obviously have to have the most famous blond of all! Sailormoon

  3. I voted for Blue haired girls, mmmm blueberry flavored toes :D

    As for blondes, maybe a cute one would be Ana from Strawberry Marshmallow.

  4. O_O Yeah Sailor Moon is great blonde Allan. I'll try to give her a tribute. :-)

    :-) Yeah blue haired girls feet must taste really great FeetinTheClouds. O_O I'm not familiar with Ana but I'll definitely look her up.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. ^_^

  5. Seems like you haven't done anything with the Noir girls yet. You should definitely consider Mireille for the blond girls.

  6. I don't particularly care about hair colour either way, as long as the woman behind it is stern and sadistic I'll be happy. Hence why Azula is one of my favourites...

  7. not me, cant find blonds attractive. Mainly due to the fact blonds are a dime a dozen where i live and my whole family is blond

  8. I'd really like if you did a post on Juri from Super Street Fighter 4.

  9. oh that would be lovely to see

  10. O_O I'm not familiar with that girl but I googled her and she looks really hot Jackson. I'll try to give her a tribute. ^_^

    That's a good point Bunny. ^_^ All her colors have the potential to be fun. As for Azula...she is a special character...Her dominant personality would win anyone over. :-D

    Would love to live in your area Match. Sadly blondes tend to be rare here. Brunnettes seem more prevalent. (Which is not necessarily a bad thing since I like them too.:-D). My favorite natural hair color is probably blond though I like exotic colors and redheads as well. ^_^

    Juri? Ok I'll try to do a tribute to her as well. Thanks very much for the suggestions and comments everyone.

  11. I myself has always been partial to Purple hair, due to it being my favorite color and a lot of the girls I like have Purple hair (Such as Kanu and Motoko Kusanagi for example)

  12. I think I'm the same way BTW. Eventhough my favorite characters may not have purple hair themselves. I can help thinking purple haired women are hot when I see them. I think that is why I'm attracted to Psylocke and Ayane. ^_^

  13. to me i couldnt care less about hair color, its personality. And my favorite is that of a tomboy

  14. And yeah Tomboys are definitely hot. :-)

  15. Cagalli Marle any Megaman (except Luna) Rikku Alexis GX

    Guess we know who i voted for but thats just a few that i could think up at this moment

  16. Wow...Cagali, Marle, Alexis, Rikku and the Megaman girls. Ok...I'll see what I can do Jinto. ^_^