Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cammy Model (Bonus)

Ok continuing with the blonde tributes, our next bombshell up is the sexy Street Fighter character...Cammy White. Having a bit of a crush on this character I think that I've tributed her feet pretty often. However, let's go for a record. :-) This time around...let's examine the various figurines of her on the web.

(These are a combination of webfinds from various figurine sites. You guys can find most of them as well as some behind the scenes info here. Special thanks to Stefan for inspiring this particular follow up)

A compilation of the earlier bonuses involving Cammy. :-)

When I saw the model of Cammy soaking her feet in refreshing water with her, I was thinking
wow really awesome model. I really loved how her boots were placed on the side making it look like she removed them so she could cool off and relax. I imagine that if one were to come across her at a time like this...she would be really appreciative of a foot massage. :-)

Ok everyone that's all for tonight. More blondes still to come. As for our recurring Delta Red office...don't be surprised if you haven't seen the last of her. :-D


  1. That's one hot doll (Pun intended) ;)

  2. The only thing hotter than Cammy herself are her boots after a hard day's work.

    I'm not sure who gives her all of her contracts but I salute them :D

  3. I Love that barefoot statue.

  4. she should get out of those boots a lot more often

  5. Thanks for the pics, that model is pretty awesome.

    Also do you ever watch/read Fairy Tail? The most recent episode had a sexy, sandals-wearing villain and a barefoot hero fighting in what was pretty much a foot fan's dream.

  6. true they were lovely and barefoot, but wouldnt claim it to be foot fan dream, the fight was over before any good shots of their feet could be shown

  7. *Smiles at Breakthewall's pun*

    Yeah I'd love to smell her boots and feet after that type of hard day Orcha. ^_^

    Yeah this has to be one of my favorite customized models Stefan. The person who designed it looks like he really put in a lot of work.

    Wow thanks very much for the tip off and clip of the Fairy Tail scene guys. It was really hot!! :-) Both of you rock!!

  8. Very nice post especially the fact that it was my birthday since you post this.

  9. Man, that is one awesome barefoot Cammy. I wish she had that customization/costume in-game. So hot. ^_^ Great stuff, KSC!!!

  10. Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah it would be really cool if a Street Fighter game had a mode where you could customize and pose your character like that. *Imagines being able to set up Chun Li, Rose, Juri, Makoto, Ibuki, Sakura, Rainbow Mika and Cammy in different provocative barefoot poses and faints.* O_O

  11. That would be Really Awesome,Sole Keeper. I would definatly by a fighting game like that.