Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pokemon: Greta

Continue with the blonde tributes, our next girl up is the beautiful martial arts Pokemon trainer Greta. Yes I know when you guys think of Martial Arts Pokemon trainer and feet, your mind automatically drifts to the Veilstone gym leader. However, this frontier gym leader is just as hardcore a fighter as she is and she even takes off her footwear to battle too.

(These are a combination of Webfinds and caps from the Pokemon Anime Episode Wheel of Frontier. A massive thank you to Juancho (The Ultimate Pokemon Expert) for organizing this bonus and finding all the material for this woman including some webfinds from the sites Otakuphrenia.)

The great thing about Battle Tycoon Greta is that she has a really passionate fighting spirit. She loves battling and trains very hard for it. She never refuses a challenge and fights with everything she has. When I was watching her episode it was very easy to feel her energy and love of fighting and it really made her fight with Ash a fun one to watch. In addition to that she makes everyone who enters her arena take off their footwear (more on that in a future bonus. ^_^). Anyway she's definitely a hot and powerful and a trainer whose feet are definitely worthy of some affection.

Ok guys more blonds still to come.

Have a good night everyone!!


  1. the only bad thing is those dang seekers

  2. One would have never guessed one would see her barefoot until this episode aired :)

    I was almost having a seizure when I saw it.

  3. She's cute, bad fashion sense though. Doesn't she know that sneakers and tights/pantyhose don't go together??

    Now if only the Pokemon animators could start drawing some toenails on their girls, we'd be set.

  4. Whoa I had no Idea she went barefoot. Awesome find. I can't believe I missed this.

  5. Greta is awesome. I forgot she went barefoot in that episode. I can barely remember those episodes because of how horrible those new voice actors did. Bonus points for Sora's art!

  6. I gotta say, I love the stirrups :D

  7. Yeah the stirrups are hot. :-)

    Thanks very much guys.