Monday, July 26, 2010

Hot Pedicure!!

Sorry for the lack of posts recently guys. This weekend was really busy and I may still need a few more days to catch my breath. In the meantime here is a hot girl giving herself a pedicure to stare out. Keeping with our current theme...she's blonde. ;-)

(This webfind was sent in by DA's Bubblesishot46853 through Match25 (The Legendary Master of Sole Shots himself) thanks very much to both of you for it. :-D)

This girl looks really cute and I love her nail polish in this picture. ^_^ Bright colors rock :-D I wouldn't mind pampering her feet for her though she appears to be doing an excellent job on her own. :-D None of us were able to identify the character in this image. I wonder who she is.

Ok guys still a few more blondes left to post. (Some of which are megatributes and might take me a little while to upload :-D). I'm also working on a couple of new story additions as well. :-)

On that note...more to come soon!


  1. Really cute!

    Also, the Fairy Tail anime had one of the main girls (Erza) on the receiving end of some foot-tickling in the latest episode, so it's worth a look! (Ep 39, about 1/2 way through.)

  2. I'm amazed and bewildered by this wonderful contribution!

    Looks like she might need some help, especially if she hasn't put the second coat on already. :D

  3. Not many artworks of a cartoon/anime character painting their toenails.

  4. Thanks guys. I like nail polish/pedicure images and wish there was more of it as well. Would love to to help her put on that second coat too. :-)

    O_O I definitely have to start watching the Fairy Tail series. It looks like its having a lot of good scenes lately. Thanks very much for the tip Adam. ^_^

  5. Awesome pic KSC

    I would love to give those cute feet a pedicure :D

  6. Thanks BTW. Yeah giving her a pedicure looks like a lot of fun. Really love the bright colors of polish.

    I'm working on the next post now guys. I'll try to post it soon. ^_^

  7. The Rise and fall of Cartoon Network is up asnd ready for to be enjoyed.