Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Miss Dynamite (Extra)

Hot off the press, here is one more Eva Sirkowski find from the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself.

(Thanks very much Match!!!)

Heh. Easy for her to say. I'm feeling so much like a moth being lead to the flames right now.

Anyway more to come soon guys!!


  1. Shiny feet = pure win. Well I'm back early on account of my trip got canceled, so I'll be updating as soon as I can.

  2. her saying not to touch just makes us want to touch them more

  3. I totally agree, Match25 I wouldn't just touch them, but suck them too if possible.

  4. O_O Looking forward to your next post Digiharrisom

    Yeah me too guys. I think I would be in alot of trouble. ^_^

  5. Ok goes
    Dawn 1 to 1 It looks like she has a stable lead.

    Gwen 3 to 1 In second place and has successfully pulled off the biggest landslide victory in any poll so far. Can she do it again

    Rukia 4 to 1 Bleach is currently in its prime popularity wise. :-D

    Katara 8 to 1 She's popular but is she popular enough to overtake Dawn whose anime is still going on.

    Yoruichi 10 to 1 Sexy cat teacher and hot female martial artist but I think Rukia will win before she will

    Ten Ten 12 to 1 Naruto is definitely a powerhouse

    Flannery 15 to 1 I'd like to believe Flannery can still win this but she has quite a climb

    Pan 16 to 1 If only GT was still ongoing...she might have been able to pull this off.

    Roll 20 to 1 In terms of comments this sexy Navi is very well liked but I fear that she has quite a climb to win this.

    Lynn 20 to 1 Hot green haired's a shame she's rarer than the rest of these women. Still she definitely has some supporters on her side. :-D

  6. Hehe, The fact she says not to touch makes me want to touch them even more now :D

  7. Not sure what the point of odds is, Dawn's had this one guaranteed since the poll began.

    Mixing popular with niche just... doesn't work. Especially if the popular one/s appeal to middling teens.

    As it's relevant to the poll (even if only by virtue of being its last-place option), I should point out that my Roll commission with DFer32 has been completed. There are 7 versions of it, of which 3 are on DA. I can supply others.

    Between that and a recent pic by Richy17, there might be enough for that small bonus. Sadly it might end up being a "last place" consolation :(

  8. I love the fact that she's winking in the picture so she know she is teasing you. :-D

  9. noooo not Dawn. Have a tomboy be the winner!!!

  10. Yeah Dawn definitely seems very far ahead Veroom. :-)

    O_O That's awesome Veroom. Just checked the Roll images on DA. They are really hot. Would love to see the others. Thanks so much for commissioning her. :-)

    Wow definitely have to post her soon. ^_^ Probably in a special bonus series. :-)

  11. Yeah it would be fun to post more Tomboys Match. Maybe we should do a Tomboy week in the future. Though the barefoot shock cases resulting from that would really be through the roof. ^_^;

  12. "Just checked the Roll images on DA. They are really hot."

    I should hope you'd think so - the pose was your idea after all :)

  13. Alright, here I go.

    Dawn: 1-1 (No question that she wins this one hands down.)

    Gwen: 4-1 (She might have gotten the most votes of all...but it seems like that she's getting beaten bad, still she has the best chance of beating Dawn)

    Rukia: 7-1 (She's a fan favorite and has a very small chance of winning)

    Katara: 10-1 (I wanted her to win...seems that I picked the wrong girl ^_^;. Anyways, it's very unlikely that Katara's going to win this)

    Yoruichi: 12-1 (She's popular but she's not as popular as Rukia, who, herself is not doing so well.)

    Ten Ten: 13-1 (She a Naruto character but she's a relatively minor one.)

    Flannery: 17-1 (I'm surprised she doing this bad to be honest, considering how she's one of the more popular Gym Leaders in the series)

    Pan: 18-1 (She might have been a part of the Dragon Ball series....problem was that she played a main part in the least popular out of the three series)

    Roll: 22-1 (She's from the popular Mega Man series and seems to be well liked but is struggling in this poll)

    Lyn: 24-1 (She's going to have the most trouble out of all of these girls, considering the her series is the least known out of this groups)

  14. Nice set of odds BTW. Yeah I'm surprised about Flannery too. I think maybe because she seems shy about showing off her bare feet for her fans to enjoy. :-( She's still massively hot though.

  15. Flannery would probably be winning if Dawn wasn't an option.

  16. You think so? I'd love to believe that she is that popular but I fear that Rukia or Gwen would steal the win from her.

  17. yes Tomboys and Tsunderes seem to just steal the prize at the last minute

    just curious KCS, if two girls got the same amount of votes, what would you do?

  18. I think that I would have a special Sudden Death Poll for a day to break the tie. The poll winners would face off against in a winner takes all head to head.