Sunday, July 11, 2010

Supergirl Megapost w/ Guest Redhead

Ok continuing with the blonde is a entry devoted to one of my favorite blonde bombshells Supergirl. Happy Flying guys!!

(These are a combination of caps from the Superman TAS episodes "Little Girl Lost", "Unity", "Legacy part 2" and "Girls' Night Out" as well as excerpts of an issue of the Superman Adventures Comic Book. Super-Sized thank yous to Juancho, Coppernicus, Dave and Digiharrisom (who has become an awesome blogger in his own right) for helping me track down and cap this material. Thanks very much guys!!)

Date it back to a childhood crush but when it comes to blondes, Kara is the still one of the first ones that comes to mind for me. This girl is the complete package, beautiful, intelligent, powerful, kindhearted, playful, sexy etc. Being invulnerable, just imagine how flawless this girl's feet must be. :-D As far as I'm concerned, she can take off her boots and rub her feet in my face anytime. :-)

On a sidenote I have to say that Girls' Night Out has to be the ultimate DC girls fanservice episode. Having Supergirl and Batgirl team up to take on Live Wire, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn was massively cool. (Would love to worship all those girls feet. :-D) Actually all the episodes involving Supergirl were great to watch. Unity and Little Girl Lost were action packed and Legacy is probably the most dramatic episode in the entire series. (Superman takes on Darkseid O_O) I definitely recommend checking those episodes out if you haven't seen them already.

Ok attempting to fulfill some of my writing goals for the summer, I tried to go all out this weekend releasing a massive Comic Book Women's Feet Interactive update. Included among the new set of chapters were:

One Chapter involving Mary Jane Watson.

A Four Chapter Flashback involving getting Dominated by Batgirl and forced to Worship Her Feet. (This one is in honor of Scissor Fan Breakthewalls ;-D)

A One Chapter Continuation of a Storyline involving Wonder Woman Guest Starring some other Female Justice leaguers.

Hope that you guys like them and I'll try to add some more chapters over the summer. ^_^

Ok...that's all for tonight and more hot blondes still to come.

Up Up and Away!


  1. Another excellent post. I wonder if we'll see some leg locking action from the girl of steel in the future. Sounds like it could be dangerous though. :D

    (Thanks for all the great content you've provided KSC.)

  2. Thanks very much Orcha.

    Yeah despite the fact that getting in a leg lock from Supergirl is asking for trouble...I can't help fantasizing about it. ^_^;

  3. Awesome post, KSC! Man, Supergirl is one gorgeous barefoot babe. Her feet certainly are super. I should find the Superman TAS episodes pronto. ^_^

  4. got to love how this girl loves to go barefoot

  5. Gah! Hot Post KSC. Supergirl is one of my favorites. I would love to get headscissoring into worshiping Supergirls sexy feet. Having her rub her feet in my face after scissoring me into submission and making me smell and lick them. Also I'm indeed honored at the new Batgirl chapters, really good, especially the scissor and foot domination scenes :D

    Oh and I also loved the "guest Redhead" in this ;)

  6. curious, did anyone notice she has more definition on her breasts when she is in her suit than anything else?

  7. I have Match, it seems that there's fan service every where lol.

  8. @ Match: probably because they then become superbreasts!

    This girl is cute, beautiful, kindhearted, and she looks hot when barefoot :) Since she can fly, we can see all parts of her feet when she's in the air.

    Kara/Supergirl is naive and not so experienced during Superman: The Animated Series and the beginning of Justice League Unlimited, but in the final season of Unlimited, we see a Supergirl that has matured and become a more integral character.

    I wouldn't choose her over Batgirl, but Supergirl's feet would certainly be the ones I'd cheat Batgirl's with when the latter is not around ;)

  9. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^

    Yeah Supergirl really seems to enjoy going barefoot and propping her feet up Match. I guess its part of her free spirit personality. :-) If only more heroines followed her example.

    Thanks very much BTW. That scenario involving Supergirl sounds really hot!! I'd really love for her to do that to me too. :-) Also really glad you enjoyed the guest redhead. I'll try to give her her own bonus in the future as well. :-)

    Superbreasts. :-D

    Love the idea of getting to see her feet from all angles as she flies around Juancho. Thanks again for helping to get all these scenes of her. ^_^

    Yeah she really matured a lot. It was really interesting because it was cool to see Supergirl in her blue costume towards the end of series but I like her hairstyle in this version better. ^_^

    Hmm between Supergirl and Batgirl its a very tough choice. I think Supergirl wins out for me just a little bit but its only by a small amount. They are both cool though and both of them could dominate me as much as they want to with their feet. :-D

  10. Awesome post KSC! Thanks for using my caps! :D See you all in 2 days!

  11. Thanks again Digiharrisom. ^_^ Have a safe trip. :-)

  12. Super excellent post about a super pretty girl! Next time, you should post the pictures from the comic books as well.

  13. I think you're right, KSC: she goes barefoot because she can. Earth is like paradise compared to her home planet. Why not enjoy it?

    She's the perfect girl, all right.

  14. Thanks Lionel. The comics? Ok I'll try.

    Thanks again for her Dave. Yeah she is definitely the perfect girl. :-D

  15. we can all agree, Brainiac 5 is a lucky punk