Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Miss Dynamite: Eva & Blackie

Ok just a quick bonus today. Continuing with the blonde bombshells, our next hottie up is Eva Sirkowski, the dangerous femme fatale from the web series Miss Dynamite. Since her partner Blackie Chin was there too, I got her to pose for this set.

Seriously pissing off Blackie is a bad idea. ^_^;

This was a mini game that allowed you to change Blackie's close while the episode was loading. I think there's a surprise if you try to strip her too far. ^_^;

Looks like these girls are into S&M though trust don't want to be on the receiving end of whatever they have planned for this Backstreet Boy. *Shudders*

Lucky Blackie ^_^;

(These were capped from the Miss Dynamite Web Series particularly episode 14. Once again I have to give a Enormous Thank You to the Legendary Master of Sole Shot Match25 for finding this series.)

If you guys want, you can watch the Miss Dynamite anime here. Be Warned though this series has the type of adult comedy and political/socially volatile satire that at times makes South Park look like Sesame Street. There's also moments of extreme violence in these animations that can give the Simpson's Itchy and Scratchy Show a run for its money. Watch out for dangerous amounts of fan service as well. ^_^;

She might be a terrorist but its hard not to be attracted to this Russian hottie. Especially when she's so badass. She's one of those type of girls that knows she's hot and has no problem flaunting her body long enough for her to kill you and with this won't take long. Equally dangerous is her sex crazed Asian partner Blackie who is extremely proficient and lethal with a blade. Watching Eva's misadventures is very similar to watching a train wreck. Whether she's torturing Back Street Boys, taking on Elian Gonzales, playing Old Yeller with Terry Schiavo, fighting the Catholic Church or trying to join Al-Quaeda, you'll cringe and gasp but you won't be able to look away. Then again when she's showing off her gorgeous bare feet you might not want to. ^_^;

Ok everyone...more blondes still to come soon! Have a great day guys!!


  1. mmm would so love to be Blackie's personal masseuse

  2. Hehe, gotta love those crazy Russain blonde bombshells, especially the ones with cute feet.

  3. Thanks BTW. Yeah Russian Bombshells definitely rock. :-D

  4. Here's a link to the latest W.I.T.C.H comic that features some lovely Cornelia scenes of her feet.

  5. Wow hot comic P. :-D Looks like I have another blonde to post. Cornelia is super hot. Thanks very much for finding such awesome barefoot moments involving her.