Sunday, July 4, 2010

Ikkitousen Finale: Hakufu (Bonus)

A little late but Happy 4th of July everyone. No fireworks but instead let's celebrate with the final bonus of the Ikkitousen series, a tribute to the main character Hakufu Sousaku. Enjoy guys!!

(Once again a combination of webfinds and caps from various episodes of the Ikkitousen anime. Special thank yous to Martin, the Sole Keeper, and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for contributing, posting and transferring material that I used for this bonus. I also have to give and enormous thank you to femdom/scissor and Ikkitousen expert Breakthewalls who really extended himself tremendously capping, organizing, and finding material and writing the bios for all the characters in this series.)

As if 70 shots of this hottie wasn't enough. Here is a little bit of extra material involving Hakufu from a while back. ^_^

This is one of my favorite characters in the anime. Hakufu is a sweet, friendly, fun loving and ditzy girl. When she was younger, her mom forced her to train so that she could live up to her destiny as one of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms' strongest fighters, Sun Ce. During this time she protected her cousin, Koukin from bullies and was known to be quite the tomboy. ;-) When she was first introduced into the series, she started off by beating up every boy in the whole school. (Her mother had told her that she had to beat up at least 30 men before returning home ^_^;) Eventually she was stopped by one of the "Big Four" of the school.

In the anime, we see Hakufu's character grow alot. Two of qualities she becomes known for include her determination and kindness. When the series started, Hakufu was considered to be a strong but unskilled fighter and when she had to fight one of the more major characters, she needed to rely on her dragon to beat them. Despite that she showed an indomitable determination to fight and improve as a fighter and as the series progressed, she begin to improve as a fighter and managed to hold her own in fights without the aid of her dragon. Hakufu also has a heart of gold and would help anyone and anything if she sees them in trouble. Be it a stray cat or unconscious fighter she encounters in the street, this girl will take it in and nurse it back to health. This girl is even willing to help her enemies. In one of her defining moments, she goes out of her way to help a gang member who fought against her after he was stabbed in the back by his own team fighting the leaders and gang members on his behalf. (The guy refused to kill Hakufu after recognizing hiw big her fighting spirit was and was stabbed in the back by his leader for disobeying orders.) We even see her challenge strong fighters that she is outmatched against in the hopes of ending violence.

Hakufu is devoutly loyal to her friends, she's protective of her cousin and when Ryomou went missing, she pulled out all the stops and didn't rest till she found Mou-chan. She also has the ablity to make friends with anyone, such as Ryomou and the real Sanj (A girl with psychic powers who was picked on when she was younger for her powers and wanted to throw the world into hatred because of it but was turned good when Hakufu (Along with Shoukyou and Koukin) showed her that not all humans were cruel and even offered to be her friend.) Like most Martial arts anime protagonist, she has a huge appetite and get's weaker if she's hungry. ^_^;

As a strong, powerful, determined, and kind women who gives us a lot of fun scenes...Hakufu's feet deserve to be worshipped. I would let her kick me around with them or rub her feet in my face all day long. :-)

Ok as a parting Ikkitousen gift here is one more Ikkitousen Spotlight for you guys. A brand new interactive involving the feet of the girls from this series.
Ikki Tousen: The Girl Bully Koukin by Qwertyers
As the title suggests this interactive has the female characters from the Ikkitousen series dominating Koukin in a lot of humiliating ways. Because feet can often be used to degrade someone, in several scenarios these girls use their feet to torture him. O_O While still starting out...this story already has a lot of great threads underway including storylines involving Hakufu, Bachou and Kanu.:-D

Alright after 15 bonuses and several moments of barefoot shock...this Ikkitousen series is now complete. :-D This bonus was a lot of fun to work on.

Ok guys...I'm going to take a bit of rest before diving into the blonde bombshells. I'm also hoping to post some writing chapters and spotlights in the near future too. :-)

Have a great day everyone!!


  1. sad to see such cute feet constantly injured

  2. It's true...her feet deserve to feel nothing but pleasure. ^_^

  3. so now this is done with, what next set of lovely beauties is next on the list?

  4. I think a couple of blonds then onto an alien invasion. :-D

  5. Great post KSC Hakufu is my second favorite character, only second to Ryomou herself!

    It would rock to have her hot feet on my face, massaging it where as I return the pleasure and massage her feet with my tongue ;)

  6. hey, if your doing blond women, look into Naruto Shipp┼źden the Movie, there are lots of scenes of this blond girl name shion barefoot

  7. O_O Thanks Blackviper. Shion looks really hot...I'll try to cap her. ^_^

  8. Actually... I just discovered this really awesome blonde girl if you're still looking for them... and she has one of the most epic foot fetish scenes ever.

    her name is Evangeline, and she is awesome. ^^

  9. O_O Awesome scene. Thanks very much for it Bunny. ^_^

  10. You didn't know of Evangeline? o.O

    I barely know of the show/comic myself, but even I knew of her.

    I found the animated scene a little disappointing, but mostly because the comic version is so much better.

    She's arguably got the best links from TVTropes' "Foot Focus" page.

  11. O_O Great set of links Veroom. ^_^ Wow...definitely going to post both versions of that scene. Also been meaning to post some of the other Negima girls from the OVA too. Thanks very much for your help.

  12. Evangeline is hot. I also usually see her picture and video in youtube and This website