Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Return of Samus (Bonus)

Ok...our next bombshell up* is the beautiful intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran. ^_^ The last time Samus was featured here...she was desperately lacking in foot scenes. Luckily, for this one...Mr. E managed to find an extremely rare live action version of her. (The Master of Webfinding at work ^_^) Enjoy guys!!

(These are a combination of various webfinds and caps from a very rare Metroid Zero Mission Commercial. Two of the hotter images depicting Samus in her Zero outfit are from this artist here. Also a massive thank you to the Master Webfinder and GTS Author Mr. E for being able catch this hottie without her footwear on.)

An earlier bonus involving Samus:

Samus is one of those characters that will always have a special place in my heart. As one of the early female video game protagonists, she easily joined Chun Li, and Sonya Blade as one of the objects of my teenage videogame girl crushes. I actually found out she was a girl from a female gamer friend who I had a friendship/rivalry with. ^_^; I remember my reaction to be one of disbelief which was quickly followed by a wow response. I think that as a femdom fan, it was really cool to see a female character portrayed as such a badass. (Something that only a few other games at the time let me experience) Samus was strong, powerful, quick, agile, and intelligent. She's the type of girl that you wouldn't want to mess with in a fight. Equally awesome is the fact that underneath her armor she is incredibly beautiful. (A fact that we get to see more and more of with each successive incarnation of the game.)

If you look at lists depicting the top female videogame characters...this character makes it onto them 95% of the time and rightfully so. ^_^ She's massively cool. :-)

Ok everyone a few more blondes still to come. Until Next Time!!

*Which takes on a whole new meaning since she can literally transform into one. :-D


  1. I still remember when everyone thought Samus was a guy.

    mmm got to love that skin tight suit, but she really needs to get those boots off

    also has anyone watched Haloid?

  2. Oh yeah, Vegetoss has made a pic

  3. O_O That video really rocked Match. I think Monty Oum is the one responsible for the Dead Fantasy Series involving the Dead or Alive Girls vs the Final Fantasy Girls. He's an awesome CG animator. :-)

    Loved the Vegetossj4 picture too.It was massively cool to see Samus's bare feet so close to your face and the blue toenails were a really nice touch.

    Thanks very much for linking both. :-)

  4. Samus, huh?

    ...hoo boy is there a lot of material to work with if you accept artwork - an excellent place to start would be the Samus "favourites" folder of GreenJack21.

    Beyond that, she's also got a couple of kickin' GMod models. Again GreenJack21 has made a few, but there are also a few stand alone pics and DazandAnime has a couple of good ones too.

  5. Wow...Samus barefoot overload. O_O I seriously need a cold shower.

    Awesome collection of images Veroom. Thanks very much for all sharing all of these. :-)

  6. Now that's one hell of a commercial :D

  7. And I have no idea how the above collection of links misses this magnificence.

  8. Thanks BTW. ^_^

    Wow..Tasty Veroom. That's one lucky guy. :-)

  9. just curious KSC, is this entire month going to be dedicated to Blond girls?

  10. The "who are you?" slogan featured random people vaguely doing things that Nintendo characters do, so I'm not sure this should be considered "the real Samus". BUT, I guess it counts anyway :)

    I guess during the time Samus was being trained by the Chozo, she had to stay barefoot a lot while doing gymnastics like in that commercial.

    She has a big shoe size as seen in recent artworks. Any estimation, fellow fetishists? ;)

    Gotta love the blue toenails in fanarts :)

  11. I didn't intend to but there were a lot of blondes suggested so I sort of got carried away. ^_^;

    I'll try to do at least one blonde that each person recommended but I don't know if I'll be able to post them all in this. If not I'll post them in the future. :-)

  12. Yeah I'm definitely stretching a little with this one Juancho. ^_^

    They really should give a video of her doing gymnastics training barefoot in one the games. :-)

    Yeah I'd estimate Samus's feet to be pretty big. Maybe 10-11. She's suprisingly tall in her nintendo listing too. ^_^

  13. She's also 198lbs in addition to being 6'3''. I'm not too confident Nintendo knew what they were doing when they listed those measurements...

    Anyway, I'm hoping Team Ninja will give us some Samus fanservice in Other M!

  14. Yeah keeping my fingers crossed for some good scenes in that game. ^_^

  15. O_O Forget to comment on that image. Samus's feet look really gorgeous thanks for it Veroom.

    Also was watching the trailer for the new Metroid game, Samus looks massively hot in it. Here's hoping there will be some barefoot scenes involving her. :-D

  16. She IS 6' 3, and it makes sense considering she's such an enhanced human. Since her feet look big on her even though she is already so tall, I would say she wears a size 15 or bigger.