Sunday, December 25, 2011

Azula Animations (Chanukkah Day 6)

All right continuing with the Chanukkah tributes, our next fire girl up is the ultra hot Avatar villainess Princess Azula. C'mon you didn't really think I would risk doing a series of Fire girl tributes without her did you? ;-)
cam to gif
Like I did with Kyoko I posted a higher quality version of this Gif on photobuckets here.

A couple of extra caps I somehow missed posting from the Beach episode. ^_^
crop images
Lucky Servants. ^_^ Not two much of a noticeable difference besides the size but I did create a higher quality version of this gif too.

(For those that are still wondering...these are from the Avatar episodes Season 2 Episode 5 The Beach and the Avatar Finale Sozin's Comet)

Previous Tributes to Azula (and being one of my favorite villainesses there are a lot of them) can be found are:
and Here:

I really have to give it up Avatar Production for not only creating one of hottest bad girls ever but giving her some of the best foot scenes of all time too. ^_^

Ok guys I'll leave you to enjoy these posts for now. ^_^

Two more Fire Girl tributes still to come. ^_^


  1. I bet you were looking forward to this day for quite some time Triton ;)

    Great work it strange I'm envious of that ball being kicked by Azula ^_^; I think I would have been even more envious if she scissored it flat lol

  2. here's a late present for everyone.


  3. Yeah...I was really looking forward to getting the chance to work with her again Breakthewalls. ^_^

    :-D I don't blame you for being envious of the ball. Getting kicked around by Azula's bare feet is something I fantasize about too. :-) I'd love to be scissored by her as well.

    O_O Very hot Stefan. Always love being able to see 18's feet. Thanks very much for the present. ^_^

  4. Anytime KSC. I wanna contribute as much as I can to this I know you'll contribute to mine.

  5. how were you conscious enough to complete this?

  6. It wasn't easy. ^_^; I had several cases of barefoot shock. :-)