Saturday, December 10, 2011

Kannagi (Christmas Bonus)

I'm going to try to sprinkle in a few holiday bonuses throughout the month. This one is a quick tribute to the title character of the Kannagi anime. ^_^ A couple of months ago when I was doing the priestess poll I googled Kannagi to see what material there was for her out there. A couple of the images that I came across were images depicting the cute shrine maiden in a really hot Christmas outfit which became the inspiration for this set. ^_^ I tucked them away with December in mind. ^_^

(These are just some various webfinds of Kannagi girls from around the net)

You guys can also see more of her feet here:

Kannagi is one of those animes that I haven't gotten the chance to watch yet but it is definitely on my list (mainly because it seems to have a really attractive set of female characters to look at). ^_^ I would love to hear the opinions of anyone who has seen this series and whether they recommend it. :-)

Ok...That's all for now everyone. ^_^

As always...more to come soon. ^_^ Happy holidays everyone!!


  1. got to love when xmas comes early

  2. Happy Holidays KSC. Happy to hear you'll be spreading the good cheer and foot fun throughout the month. :)

  3. :-D Thanks Savantome. ^_^ Happy Holidays to you as well. :-)

  4. I actually have this series on DVD. I'd say it worth a watch.

  5. Those feet make for a holly, jolly Christmas :D

    Great Post Triton

  6. O_O Thanks for the anime recommendation Stephan. I think I'll give it a shot. It seems like a nice quick watch. ^_^

    :-D Thanks very much Tristan.

    Happy Holidays to both of you guys. ^_^

  7. Nice. I look forward to seeing what else you have in store for the holiday season.

  8. Thanks Cyberchao X. ^_^ I'll try not to disappoint. :-D

  9. Great Xmas special KSC! I love what you picked out here! I gotta say, the pedi pic at the beginning had to be my favorite out of them all. Great post dude! Keep it up!

  10. Thanks Heretichero. ^_^ The 1st picture is my favorite too. :-D Happy holidays. ^_^

  11. The pic is indeed a nice pic and nice to see some toenail painting.

  12. Thanks Shadowmandude. ^_^

    :-D Yeah...Toenail painting is great.