Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emma Frost (Christmas Bonus)

Continuing with the Holiday tributes, here is some Frost for Christmas. ^_^

(With the exception of the first webfind, the rest of these pictures are from various episodes of the animated series Wolverine and the X-men. The glimpse of her bare feet comes from episode 5 Thieves' Gambit . ^_^)

A little bit more of Emma's feet can be found here:

I was marathon watching the Wolverine and the X-men series and its writers did an excellent job with their portrayal of Emma. She's not an easy character to depict because she's very complicated. Being a reformed villainess, Emma always toeing the line between light and dark wrestling with her past. This really comes across in this series, sometimes we see her as manipulative, while other times she can be really caring. She has a playful side and she teases Wolverine a bit in the series. We also get to see her display a sensitive side to her personality too displaying genuine affection for Cyclops. ^_^

With Emma, it's hard to believe that one girl could encompass so many fetishes at once. She caters to bad girl fetishes, the sexy teacher fetishes (She's a headmistress in fact), psychic fetishes, blonds in hot leather fetishes, chess fetishes ;-p ...she really is perfect to fantasize about.

Ok guys...that's basically all for now. ^_^ More holiday themed posts to come.


  1. bet a warm foot massage will help

  2. Warming her up that way would be hot. ^_^

  3. Danm it Match! You stole my line you bastard >_<

    Still...wouldn't mind warming those feet with my tongue ;) and maybe have her warm her exercise via offering my neck as a thigh press :D

  4. :-D That's another hot set of visual images that I'll have running through me head for the rest of the day. ^_^;

  5. Emma Frost is quite possibly my favorite X-woman
    she's so gorgeous, and her Feet just sweetin her more

  6. All the Elves at the North Pole agree, Emma Frost is the reason for the season!

  7. :-) Yeah I like Emma too Calvin. ^_^ She really is very sexy. ^_^

    :-D Hee Hee...Yup she definitely provides a lot of holiday cheer Savantome. ^_^