Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sailor Jupiter (Bonus)

Update: Added another great close up of Lita's feet sent in by the great artist Bountydog. ^_^

Ok...the voters have spoken and their request is clear. Not only did Jupiter win last month's poll proving her feet are the ones most would love to be forced into submission and dominated by, she absolutely devastated her competition. As is a tribute to her glorious feet. :-D

(There are a couple of webfinds from other episodes but the bulk of these are from the Sailor Moon S episode 105...Wanting More Power: Mako-Chan's Lost Path. A massive thank you to Starky and Bountydog for capping and contributing the caps for this episode.)

Lita (Sailor Jupiter) is an awesome character. She is the complete package possessing a great personality, cool powers, beautiful appearance and a great background. I think she is the type of woman that a lot of guys would love to have for a girlfriend. She is a bit of a tomboy and has gotten into trouble at her old school for fighting in the past. She is an excellent fighter even without her powers and in her debut episode she actually manages to take one of Queen Beryl's generals (who are some of the strongest fighter) without being aware of her abilities. Despite her tough exterior, Lita actually comes off as very sweet. She's friendly and kind and her hobbies balances out her tomboy personality. She loves cooking and gardening and is excellent at both and she dreams of owning her own flower shop and bakery. She's a natural ice skater too.

Jupiter's powers give her control of thunder and lightning. Similar to the Roman God of Thunder she is named after, she can throw thunderbolts and create storms. One of her most powerful attacks is to channel her powers into creating a thunder dragon which is massively cool. :-D

Lita is in my opinion one of the hotter senshi (all of which are beautiful to begin with) and I would probably rank here my fourth favorite scout after Sailor Mars, Pluto and Neptune. She is easily the tallest of the inner senshi and probably physically the strongest. ^_^ In comparison with Sailor Mars who has a great scowl (she's going to slap me for that later) or Serena (Sailor Moon) who has has a great pout, Jupiter has great smile. ^_^ She also wears a set of rose earrings as an accessory which are really cute as well.

Some interesting trivia involving Jupiter is that guys that she likes remind her of an old boyfriend that she had. Also her English voice actress Susan Roman has the distinction of being the only scout voice to remain unchanged throughout the course of dub's entire run.

Ok so what make's Lita's feet the ones that most voters would enjoy being scissored into submission and dominated by. Well...for one think she has a great set of legs perfectly articulated by her short miniskirt and tall height. She's probably has the biggest shoe size of the inner senshi. She's also a tomboy and fighter making her on her feet all day. A lot of us can imagine how well trained her feet must be. Jupiter's senshi uniform footwear (a pair of green ankle boots) are also really hot and would automatically cause a fetishist to picture what her feet are like underneath them. An interesting sidenote is that googling Sailor Jupiter yields a lot of pictures of her boots in the search result showing them to be an essential and sexy piece of her costume. Being a heroine and kindhearted, Jupiter probably wouldn't do anything too mean to you in a wrestling match (unless you really made her angry ^_^;). She probably would just be playful about it as she pinned you and dominated you between her feet maybe teasing you and rubbing them in your face. ^_^

On that hot time to end the entry here. ^_^ Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone and more to come soon.


  1. :-D looks like that. Sadly this episode notwithstanding...we don't get to see her without her footwear on nearly often enough. :-( It a shame because she really does have some nice feet. ^_^

  2. Unfortunately, only Serena gets a lot of barefoot time on Sailor Moon. The other girls aren't featured very often.

    However, there is episode 144, in which is a glorious beach episode.

  3. It's a shame she doesn't go barefoot often. But Thank God there are so many fan pics of her barefoot.

    Y'know she was my very first Anime Crush.

  4. O_O That beach episode is really hot Unknown. Really gives some nice peeks at the senshi's feet. Thanks for it. ^_^

    :-D I think that the Sailor Moon anime was probably responsible for causing a lot of people to develop anime crushes. ^_^ One of the Senshi was one of my early crushes as well. ^_^

  5. Awesome tribute! Jupiter is my favorite Scout/Senshi and it was awesome seeing her in a gi :)

    Dang...I forgotten how tall she was...I like that :3

  6. like this post :D
    but why are we beating up the tree :(

  7. guessed it Stefan. :-D Her pumps and fiery personality won me over. ^_^

    Thanks Tristan. ^_^ Yeah seeing her in a gi was hot. :-D I love tall girls too. ^_^ Long legs are great. :-D

    ^_^ Maybe she's taking revenge on it for this Jinto. :-D

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  9. Such a Makoto-fest! Really loved that episode, finally a good look at Mako-chan feet in their entirety! Don't know if you forgot to post it or just skipped it but there is an additional close-up of her lovely peds. I'm talking about this:

    Great post as always! Thanks you so much fr your work!


  10. O_O It's good to hear from you Bountydog. I hope that your feeling better. Wow...that's a great closeup. I'll update and add it in. ^_^ Thanks very much for it. ^_^

  11. Dude,you REALLY need to lable your posts. makes it easier to browse..and lablethem by series.

  12. Yeah...I know ^_^;...I'm working on it Stefan. ^_^

  13. Just decided to join in on this group, and this is the first one I wanted to get my words on ^^

    I loved Sailor Jupiter since my childhood and I still love her now, and her beautiful feet 'cause she was my frist, and still is my favorite anime crush. I agree with your description about her, and all these pics are a huge pleaser to me.

    (BTW, if you don't know me, i am a friend of Stefan and Tristan :3)

  14. Thanks ChristineFan241. ^_^ I really glad that you enjoyed this bonus. :-)

    It's nice to meet you. ^_^