Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sailor Mars Holiday Bonus (Chanukkah Day 1)

Update: Added an extra image of barefoot Sailor Mars sent in by Stefan...Hot!!

Hi guys...having done a lot of Christmas Holiday posting so far, I wanted to mix things up a bit and do some tributes in honor of Chanukah. (8 tributes in fact) In honor of the festival of lights...I'm going to post a different fire girl every night. First up is the beautiful Rei Hino aka the Heroine Sailor Mars...Enjoy guys!!

(Various webfinds and caps from different episodes of Sailor Moon including a swimsuit 144. Special thank you to Unknown, Stefan, and Venom for tipping me off to some of the scenes in this bonus)

2 other earlier Sailor Mars posts both of which cover Rei's background and my passion for the character. ^_^

Also as an extra is a link to a Sailor Mars Dating Simulator

Ok guys...have a long day tomorrow so I'm going to have to end the tribute here for tonight. However...more Chanukkah tributes coming up. ^_^

Until Next Time


  1. love it when beauties go barefoot in casual clothes

  2. Awesome Post. Hey here's another one for ya..Add it.

  3. :-D Yeah I like that too Match. ^_^

    O_O Very hot image Stefan. Going to update and add it now. Thanks very much for it. ^_^

  4. Gotta love Rei :D

    Would love to cool her hot feet with my tongue :D

  5. Hehe, I'm sure all of our Jewish friends are happy! Nice post dude! sorry I've been late on commenting. Holidays have kept me busy so I hope I can make up for all the other late comments by saying I loved your other barefooted beauties! Keep it up dude! You rock!

  6. Thanks very much Heretichero. ^_^ Hope that your holidays are going good. ^_^

  7. 'd Love to suck , and the charge of the bare feet smell .

  8. That's when you fall into the water barefoot art .