Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who are your Favorite Barefoot Women?

Shadowmandude came up with a great New Year's Day idea...a top 10 barefoot female characters list. However...we could use some help deciding who to put on it. ^_^ You know what that means right? Yup...once again I'm asking you guys for your opinions...

Who are your favorite barefoot female characters? What do you like about them?...

Do you admire Toph's ability to confront things head on walking barefoot into danger? Are you impressed at the powerful bare feet of Martial Artists like Christie or Makoto? Maybe the cute feet of Ibuki or Pocahontas tickle your fancy? Or perhaps you crave being at the mercy of a barefoot villainess like Medusa or Queen La?

I would really love to find out which characters that you guys like. Over the next 2 days I encourage you guys to write in (either by commenting or e-mailing) who are your favorite barefoot girls are and why you like them.

On New Year's, taking all the opinions into account, I'll post a tribute to the top 10 favorite women along with the reasons why everyone likes them.

Just a couple of guidelines for your suggestions:
I'm looking for a top 10 list but feel free to list as many girls as you want. If you can rank your favorites go for it but that is by no means required. Also to limit it a little bit, I'm going to request that you suggest a character who is either barefoot all the time or at least most of the time for this one.

For Example: Maylene is a perfect pick for this while Quistis wouldn't really fit. I'm not denying that Quistis is hot but she is rarely seen without her boots off.

Please keep in mind that participation in this is completely optional (I won't hold it against you if you guys don't want to) but it is a great chance to let me know who your favorite characters are for future reference. I know that a lot of people are shy so just this once I'm going to open the blog up to anonymous comments. Yup you don't even need to register to make your opinions heard this time around.

Have fun guys!!


  1. I'll start things off with one of my favorite barefoot girls...I love Esmeralda.

    When I first saw that gypsy, I was completely mesmerized by her. She was such a spirited beauty that I not only developed a crush on her but also her actress Demi Moore as well. The ankle bracelets are a nice touch highlighting her beautiful tan feet. ^_^

  2. Oh man...this is a tough one ^_^;

    I would have to say that it's Christie Monteiro. I don't think I would have been a foot fetishest if it weren't for her :D

  3. Hi, all. Long time watcher, first time commenter. :p

    My favorite has to be Rapunzel, from Tangled. She's spunky and adventurous and just every aspect of her is absolutely adorable, bare feet included of course. And what I love most is that the animators could have easily given her shoes without changing anything in the movie, but they decided to make her barefoot. Not only does this add to her overall appeal, but that scene of her bare toes touching the grass for the first time captures the theme of her coming into the outside world far better than it would have if she wore shoes.

  4. Nanami from "Tico of the Seven Seas". She can sewim underwater for hours and she has an orca (killer whale) for a friend.

  5. it's hard to choose when there are so many
    but I guess my most would be Elda from Chobits. As sweet and loving as she is, she also has very lovely Feet even though she is an Android

  6. Oh wow...a lot of excellent choices. :-D Christie is really hot Breakthewalls. I love that sexy Brazilian fighter too. ^_^

    Hi Atomic Chincilla. O_O I can't believe I forgot about Rapunzel. She is a really awesome choice for a favorite barefoot character. Great reasons for liking her as well. ^_^

    O_O I googled Nanami Richfeet. She's really a very cute character. She reminds me a little bit of Pokemon's Misty with her yellow shirt, orange hair and shorts. She seems to love the water as well. Nice Choice!!

    :-D O_O Elda is an great pick as well Calvin3. You definitely give some really good reasons for picking her too. She is a really sweet character and she does have nice feet. ^_^ Also a great choice for barefoot character. :-D

  7. 1.mystique (x-men the movie)
    2.poison ivy (the batman and arkham asylum)
    3.yoruichi (bleach)
    4.leela (futurama)
    5.batwoman (casandra kane)
    6.batgirl (barbara gordon)
    7.tea gardner (yugioh)
    8.wonder woman
    9.rogue (90's version)
    10.april o'neil (tmnt)

  8. Hot list of women Kyle Jordan. ^_^ I was actually looking for women who are normally barefoot. (Those incarnations of Mystique and Ivy definitely count. ^_^) Anyway a lot of my favorites are on it too. :-D Rogue, Yoruichi, Tea, Batwoman Batgirl Leela and April are definitely really cool as well. Good Choices!! ^_^

  9. Well,I don't think I can choose,there's so many of those cute feet on my mind u.u......
    But two of them are something close to my favorite:


    I could say Sakura,but she is always using that boot =/

    Bad english?Sorry,I'm still lerning,but them,bye from Brazil .-.

    Ps:I really whant to read the anime feet-fest story

  10. Hi everyone.Happy holidays.Here are some of my favourites...

    1.Lucy Heartfilia(Fairy Tail):i think she must be my favourite anime character when it comes to feet displaying.She has a lot of barefoot scenes in the anime,as well as the manga.I'm surprised i haven't seen her in any posts yet:P
    2.Anna Kyoyama(Shaman King):another gal who can be seen barefoot many times.But its her dominant personality that makes her hot!!!
    3.Ayane(Dead or Alive):the cute and deadly ninja.Would love to see her in some trampling captions
    4.Jane(Tarzan):the sexy researcher.Ever since i read that chapter in the kingdom hearts story by howdyboy(gz for his incredible writing btw)i got a crush on her
    5.Tifa Lockheart(FF):what can be said about that extremely sexy thing.what i wouldnt give to see her without those shoes...
    6.Lucy or Nyuu(Elfen Lied):even though the plot was mind blowing,i couldnt help myself to be absorbed by those delicious looking feet of hers

    Well these are some of the anime girls i could think of.I hope i was of some help KingsSideCastle.Keep up the good work!!!
    P.S. will you post anything on getting kind of boring without your awesome scenarios :p

  11. My favorite are Maruko and Sakiko Sakura from Chibi Maruko-chan. The two sisters are barefoot very often, usually when wearing their pajamas and going to the beach. Also, during seasons that take place in summer they usually walk around the house barefoot to stay cool. That why i like that show, because of how realistic it is.

  12. Yo,Kyore here again. Well,I forgot to say why I like them.
    Well:Toph because of her angry/dominant style,and because she's always barefoot.
    Ino because of the hair in front of her eye (kind of emo style,right?),that's something I like.

  13. I got a little carry on this one, and I wanted to write all why I like these charcters, but I just couldn't think of much.

    So I decided to write on the top ten barefoot girls and why like I them, the rest you have to look up and see why.

    1. Toph (Avatar) - Hereby declare by fans as the queen of barefoot girls, Toph has become the most famous cartoon female character that goes around the world barefoot with her own blend of earthbending based on Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis. Toph is known as a blind bender who uses her feet to see, and goes as far to rip the bottom of shoes to still walk barefoot. Toph is a strong and proud Tomboy who's not afraid to speak her mind, and yet has a softer side like all the great characters from the show she's from.

    2. Tahiri Veila (Star Wars) - What's better than a barefoot girl, a blonde barefoot girl, and what's better than a blonde barefoot girl, a blonde barefoot girl that is a Jedi. Tahiri comes from the same planet as fame Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. The first thing she does when she goes to the Academy is take her shoes off, and becomes a natural barefooter who hates shoes. Even reminds her best friend that she hates wearing them even believes they were invented by the Sith to torture our feet. Tahiri has fallen in hard times lately which shows a human side to her, but here's hopeing that the writers restore her to her Jedi glory days.

    3. Maylene (Pokemon) - A pink hair cute girl that has master martial arts and trains with fighting Pokemom, and has become master of the dojo that's also a Pokemon gym. So dedicated to the style, Maylene will even walk in the snow barefoot, earning the title the Barefoot Fighting Genius.

    4. Aquagirl (Lorena) (DC Comics) - Started life on land with shoes on, certain events has alter Lorena's life to adopt a costume fitted for the seas, some artists have drawn her with a boot feature, but Ivan Reis once again drawn her barefoot. Lorena is not only a girl with a unique heritage, but she has been the first Aquagirl since the 80s.

    5. Dolphin (DC Comics) - Another underwater heroine, Dolphin has spent her life most underwater after aliens alter her body, her white hair and simple clothing as earn her a siren of the seas, and a reliable heroine for both land and sea.

    6. Medusa (Soul Eater) - The most sinister villain in any anime, Medusa has become quite the barefoot woman as the best moment is when she stomps on Eruka in her frog form, and when she took control of little Rachael's body, she has made her wiggling toes both cute and sexy in the same time.

    7. Makoto (Street Fighter) - A powerhouse tomboy, Makoto is a proud martial artist that runs her father's dojo, and determined to prove that her style is the best in the world

    8. Meggan (Marvel) - A superheroine from the team known as Excalibur, Meggan is a beautiful blonde girl that has the ability to turn herself into any ceature, but her tru form is what I mention.

    9. Rapunzel (Tangled) - A most famous animated movie star to date, Rapunzel has become the most beautiful heroine with her amazing long blonde hair, and barefeet that the animators at disney can't denied

    10. Elena (Street Fighter) - A girl from Africa, she display a cuteness that goes with her cheery personality and her fighting style known as Capoeria

    The Runner-Ups:

    11. Kasuga (Sengoku Basara)
    12. Gypsy (DC Comics)
    13. Shanna the She-Devil (Marvel)
    14. Rin (Inu-Yasha)
    15. Momoko (King of Fighters)
    16. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)
    17. Juri (Street Fighter)
    18. Aisa (One Piece)
    19. Ibuki (Street Fighter)
    20. Ayame (Inu-Yasha)
    21. Coco (Fairy Tail)
    22. Orube (W.i.t.c.h)
    24. Tsubura (Shura No Toki)
    25. Mantis (Marvel)
    26. Ilia (Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess)

  14. Hi Kyore Urahara,
    I like the way you think. :-D
    Ino is my favorite female character ever and Toph is awesome as well.Good reasons for liking them too. ^_^ Angry dominant and barefoot are is always a winner and I think that an emo type of appearance can be hot too. Both girls are great. ^_^

    O_O You're right...the Anime Feet Fest Story looks like it is currently closed. I hope that the author opens the story again soon.

    Happy Holidays Greekman,
    Wow...that's an excellent list of characters. Anna, Jane, Tifa and Ayane are all among my favorite female characters as well. :-) You also gave really great for liking those girls as well.I haven't had a chance to watch Fairy Tail or Elfin but I googled the women you mentioned and they look very hot. I've been hearing a lot of really good things about the Fairy Tail series. I hope that I get the chance to watch it over the next year.

    :-D Thanks very much for the compliments regarding my writing. I am really happy that you enjoyed it. ^_^ I'm hoping to get back to writing again soon. ^_^

    :-D I googled both sisters Unknown. ^_^ It looks like Chibi Maruko a cute anime to watch with its own type of style. :-D You highlighted some really nice reasons for picking them too. ^_^

    Thanks for taking the time to share your opinions everyone. All of you really gave some great choices of characters.:-D

  15. Wow awesome list of characters Shadowmandude. :-D Definitely a lot of barefoot classics on that list. Toph, Tahiri, Medusa, Elena, Makoto, Rapunzel, Maylene and Aquagirl are all well-known among foot fans. ^_^ Even your runner ups like Ibuki, Juri, Illia, Kasuga and Orube are classic barefoot hotties.

    There are also a couple new ones that I wasn't familiar with like Dolphin, Meggan and Coco. (All of Which I googled and all of which are hot!!)

    I love all your descriptions for your top ten. You give a great summary of why you liked each character, their barefoot connection, personality traits and some of the great scenes involving them.

    Well played!! :-D

  16. Glad to see I've piqued your interest KSC! There are actually two different Chibi Maruko-chan series, one that ran from 1990-1992, and another that's been going since 1995. I prefer the first series myself, since the second is sillier and the character designs kind of suck. But it's a wonderfully funny show in any event.

    The only downside is that it's kind of hard to find the show online. Usually it's only the Chinese dub that's uploaded, and it's usually only on Chinese websites to boot. But still it has some great moments.
    This episode is from the first series. The first half is kind of boring, but the second half is excellent, because the girls spend the entire time trying to catch a mosquito in their pajamas. Sakiko in particular gets a nice close-up shot of her feet, but Maruko gets some attention as well.
    This episode is from the second series. A nice simple episode where the girls spend the day at the beach while their father goes fishing. Luckily, they leave their shoes in the car!

    Hope that helps!

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  19. Esmeralda shes so cute!!

  20. to kingsidecastle:
    thanks im suprised nowons posted any pics of mystique from the movies and the get mystique storyline.

  21. O_O Thanks for the episodes and the information about the 2 series Unknown...It seems like the show is really fun. I wish I could understand what the characters were saying. ^_^ Both girls seem pretty energetic. (I can definitely sympathize with that type of mosquito annoyance in the first episode.)The beach scenes in the second episode are really cute. I'll definitely try to cap some scenes from these. Thanks again for them.

    :-D That's definitely the ultimate barefoot Harem Match. :-D All of those are great barefoot characters. :-D Medusa, Toph, Queen La, Makoto and Maylene are all classics. O_O I completely forgot about Beingal, Lua and Edward. All great choices too. :-D Jungle girls, martial artists and girl geniuses really make for great barefoot characters. ^_^

    Yay!!...I'm glad that there's another Esmeralda fan out there. ^_^ She definitely rocks Anonymous. ^_^

    :-D it's true...Mystique definitely deserves a tribute Kyle. ^_^ I'll try to make sure that happens over the course of the coming year. ^_^

    O_O Another Rapunzel nomination. ^_^ That barefoot princess is really has a lot of fans. She's definitely deserves it...she's really hot. ^_^ Thanks for sharing your opinion Salsaman. ^_^ many barefoot hotties. :-D Nice going everyone. ^_^

  22. Well,I'm really excited to see how this will end...I must say,I just know a few aniime girls,but I'm happy to see a few of them here.

    The only thing I could do now is read those storys.And I loved them,foot mansion in particular.
    But i'm quite sad that almost all of them,are unfinished...And the "Especial" one,is blocked =/

    I think I shouldn't be saying this here,but hey,we are talking about feet right?And that's something that I love,a lot.

    And well,if I can give one more girl name,I would say...Rukia (Bleach).

    She seems to have a very cute feet,and well,for being quite small compared to the other female characters,I have the kind of feeling that I need to protect her,you know?...Well,i said too much already,I'm going now.

    Happy new year to all of you.

  23. Happy News Years everybody! Hope you all have a safe night of fun! :D

  24. Well, here's my minor list.

    Ibuki, Makoto, Juri & Elena in the Street Fighter Franchise.

    Chae Lim, FF3 Mai Shiranui & Momoko from the KOF franchise.

    Asuka Kazama, Christie Monteiro & T1 Nina Williams from the Tekken Franchise.

    Maylene from Pokemon.

    Karate version of Tatsuki & Lita from Bleach & Sailor Moon.

    Esmeralda, Rapunzel and Giselle.

    Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    Nami, Robin & Vivi from One Piece.

    Hinata Hyuga (My Fave character in this franchise, next to Temari) & Ino Yamanaka (aka Ino-pig with her dirty soles in my fanart) from Naruto.

    Meggan from Marvel's Excalibur.

    Aquagirl, Giganta (Classic), Gypsy and any other barefoot lady in the DC universe.

  25. :-D Yeah has some really great stories Kyore Urahara. ^_^ Hopefully the New Year will continue to bring us some more good writing. ^_^

    Rukia is another really great pick. :-D

    Happy New Years of luck in the coming year. ^_^

    Wow that is a really excellent list Chris Prime. ^_^ So many of my favorites and classic characters on it. ^_^ Those are three of my favorite Tekken girls. :-D The final fight girls are hot as well. ^_^ Great choice of Karate girls too...Tatsuki and Lita are definitely really hot and Maylene is definitely a classic. ^_^ Awesome set of Disney girls and I really like the One piece girls too. As for the Naruto girls my favorite anime girl of all time made your list of characters. :-D Excellent set of comic book women as well. Giganta is definitely a hottie and you are the third person to confirm that I really need to look into Gypsy, Aquagirl and Meggan. ^_^ :-D Barefoot DC women are always hot. ^_^ :-D Thanks for sharing your opinions. ^_^

  26. Wow...everyone picked so many great female characters. :-D I'll try to analyze all the choices (probably going to need a couple of cold showers as I'm doing that) and post the results tomorrow.

    Anyway, Happy New Year Everyone. :-D

  27. If I can ask you one thing King,How can I use the search bar?I mean,I tried to find more of anime feet storys using that,but it has 3 category bars and stuff,I got a bit confused about it.

    I just typed Feet,and a bunch of random stuff appeared =/

  28. The search bar is weird because it is not on every page. ^_^;

    I'll link you to one of the pages that has it Here

    when you go to that page at the top will be a search bar. There you can type in Feet or whatever search term that you want to use to limit your search. Next to the box it will say any genre and any type. I always leave those like that but if you want to change any type to interactive, you can do that too. After that I would click on search.

    What comes up is a bunch of results for foot stories by the ones that are most viewed. On that window I would change the "most viewed" option to "recently modified first" so that you can see the newly updated stories. I would also change next to page 1 so that you can see the latest results. Then click go.

    After that you should see the new stories.

    There are about 36 pages of stories on so you might have to go through them one by one finding the ones that you like. ^_^

    Good luck with your searching Kyore. :-)

  29. Oh,thank you...I'm really getting addicted to those storys,I just finish reading one,and I alredy need another \o/

  30. Really? nobody has mentioned my fav girl of all time. Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess, for most of every episode she is barefoot, in the ova she is barefoot, in the movie she is barefoot, in the manga there are so many shots of just her feet its almost not funny, even in the spoof series she is barefoot for a few episodes. I am convinced that Kōsuke Fujishima is foot lover as well. here are some examples for those that have not seen this beautiful goddess
    here is a shot from episode 7 about valentine chocolate here is Bell and another girl chatting
    a good sole shot here
    looking at some pictures
    honestly I'd do a tribute to Belldandy's feet myself. Who wouldn't want to worship a Goddess first class!

  31. You have a good point,Allan.
    She's a Goddess,and have a cute first class feet,I think .-.

    But,I hope she is not the type who likes,femdom,because...Well,I didn't know,but I hate femdom....I just realised that,when I was reading naruto femdom story,when Sakura killed the blonde girl,I was so angry u.u

    =/,sorry for using this post like a Chat,King,but it's the firts time that I can onpenly talk about feet,and not be embarrassed...
    Here i'm Brazil,most of the girl don't understand this fetish that easily,or are too shy to show them,when you tell them about it =/

  32. Here's a character I wanted to put on my list, but I forgot her name, she does have a name though.

    Anyway, she's from Osamu Tezuka's Phoenix manga series AKA Hi No Tori, she's a cute dark blue haired girl with nice dark skin and runs around barefoot. Unfortunately, her life was cut down short, but I always view her as a great character.

    You can check her out at 1:32 of this vid and see why I like her, but warning there is some nudity in this video.

  33. Wow I can't believe I completely forgot about the Ah My Goddess women. :-D Belldandy is really hot Allan. Her feet are really tempting and would be great to worship. Those are really nice pictures of her...thank you for them. ^_^ I definitely need to try to do a tribute to her and the other girls of the series as well. ^_^

    :-D Yeah has a wide variety of different fetishes out there Kyore. I think that a lot people like different things so sometimes you have to try to search around a bit to find a story or storyline that you enjoy. ^_^ Here is another set of stories that I liked reading written by Mr. Cool. Four of his stories involve anime girl's feet. :-D

    That is alright...I enjoy chatting. ^_^

    Wow that girl is really cute Shadowmandude. She is a great character fun and playful, clever. It was really depressing when I saw what what happened to her. Anyway thanks very much for the clip. She is really cute. ^_^

  34. Thx ^~^
    From what I could see,the ones who create great storys are:

    BreaktheWall,howdyboy,KingSideCastle and Mr.Cool.

    I know there are other good writers,but I only found your storys,and they are awsome >;D

  35. Thanks Kyore...I'm really happy that you enjoyed reading them. ^_^

  36. Damn this is a tough one. I swear I will have a complete list in due time via email but for now I'm really gonna have to think about this one.

  37. :-D Thanks Heretichero. I'd definitely love to see which characters you pick. ^_^

  38. I can't those 10 but my two favourites are first Temari (Naruto) Who is a proud, sexy and powerful woman (which I find amusing)
    Second is yoruichi (Bleach)
    Sexy and playful need I say more?

  39. O_O Yoruichi and Temari are both very hot choices. They are both really attractive characters. ^_^