Thursday, December 22, 2011

X-Men Evolution: Magma Bonus (Channukah Day 3)

Ok continuing with the Chanukkah bonuses here is the next fire girl up...Magma from X-men evolution along with a few other guest stars. ^_^

(These caps of Magma are from the X-men Evolution episode Cruise Control. This tribute was inspired by a tribute to Magma Digiharrisom did on his Forgotten Toon Girls blog which was where I learned about this episode. )

I actually wrote a bio summary for Magma recently as one of the hidden unlockables in my Comic Book Interactive so there may be a little bit of carry over into this entry. Basically Magma has the ability to control two elements Earth and Fire. She can combine the two encasing herself in lava or create fire based projectiles. Fire doesn't seem to hurt her. She seems to be in tune with nature and in the episodes these caps were taken from, she was able to sense a volcano was acting up and stop its eruption. ^_^

In X-men evolution, Magma's appearance differs significantly from her comicbook counterpart. (Her comic book namesake is a blonde while her Evolution counterpart seems appearance seems to emphasize her Latin American roots more.) In the Cartoon Magma is portrayed as playful and fun loving. Though she is often relegated to a supporting character, she does have some great scenes. One of the awesome things about the the Cruise control episode is that she spent a lot of time in a very sexy swimsuit which pretty much proves she doesn't need her powers to raise the temperature around her. ^_^;

Ok guys...I'd better call it a night but more Channukah Fire Girl Posts still to come.

See you tomorrow


  1. Gotta love those Latina Hotties :D

    Wonder if her feet taste like coffee :3

  2. Thanks Tristan. ^_^

    :-D Hee hee...I would love to taste her feet to find out. ^_^

  3. Two images of Tomb Raiders Soles I found on the interwebz!

  4. She's okay, but I still prefer Kitty Pryde.

  5. O_O So Sexy!! Those are very hot images of Lara Persona. Thanks very much for sharing them. ^_^

    :-D I love Kitty too Unknown especially in this series. ^_^

    :-D Hee hee...Yeah Match. ^_^