Friday, December 16, 2011

To Love Ru: Momo (Christmas Bonus)

Hot off the press here is another quick Christmas bonus. This time a hot Alien princess. ^_^

(These are various manga images and webfinds of Momo sent in by the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25. Thanks for such a great present Match . ^_^)

It never fails. Every time I see one of the To Love Ru girls barefoot...I wind up with my jaw hanging open in barefoot awesomeness overload. O_O

An interesting bit of trivia is that the illustrator of the To Love Ru manga is also the creator and illustrator of the popular manga Black Cat. He really is an amazing illustrator and he draws some really beautiful looking feet. ^_^

I'm actually working on mega series involving all the To Love Ru women. ^_^ Consider this a nice preview of things to come. ^_^

Ok everyone...I'm going to keep things short tonight. Have a great weekend and I'll try to post some more holiday action soon. ^_^


  1. she has defiantly become more naughty in the Darkness sequel

  2. O_O I really need to read the To Love Ru Manga. ^_^

  3. dont forget To Love-Ru Darkness. Im actually shocked it hasn't become a hentai yet from the higher graphic details he is using

  4. Momo looks to be more naughty then nice this year ;)

    Great post KSC

  5. I got a XMas Gift for You Match,And Tristan coming Up

    Make this bonus seem retarded.

  6. O_O Definitely need to check out the sequel too Match. ^_^

    :-D Hee hee...You can imagine the fantasies running through my head involving her Tristan. ^_^

    :-)The more holiday cheer the better Stefan.