Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kyoko Mega-bonus (Chanukkah Day 5/Christmas Post)

Tonight's post serves a double purpose being both a Christmas post and a continuation of the Chanukkah firegirl tributes. Attempting to take up that challenge is the beautiful schoolgirl and femme fatale Kyoko of Black Cat fame. I've actually posted a few tributes to Kyoko including some scenes in this post. However, the images in this post are more numerous and of higher quality. There are also a couple of new pictures of her and one animation as well. Enjoy guys!!

In addition to these hot images I created an animated gif of the foot splashing scene:
crop images
This time I used the lighter quality Picasion animator so that you guys could view it without fear of my photobuckets bandwidth running out. However for those that want this scene at a larger size and frame rate, I created a 5mb gif that you guys can view here while my photobuckets' bandwidth holds out.

(Both the caps and animations are taken from the Black Cat anime episode 13. There are also 2 webfinds of her thrown into the mix too.)

Earlier Tributes to this really hot schoolgirl can be found:

That's basically all for now. With 3 more days of Channukah left, more Firegirl tributes still to come. ^_^

Happy Holidays Everyone!!


  1. She's always been cute with a cute pair of feet to match.

  2. This now gives me a reason to bump BC near the top of my to watch list :D Awesome post

  3. This just made me interested in Black Cat :D Not to mention Kyoko reminds me a bit of Zatana in her outfit :)

    Would love to dry her feet off with my face :D

  4. Oh and Merry Christmas everybody :)

  5. Thanks guys. ^_^

    :-D Yeah she is really cute Shadowmandude. ^_^

    Hope you enjoy the series Jinto. ^_^

    :-D It's true Breakthewalls. She actually borrowed the hat from a teammate of hers. Normally she seems to wear a catholic schoolgirl type of costume. ^_^

    :-D Drying her feet off that way does sound really hot! ^_^

    Hope that you everyone is having a very Merry Christmas too. ^_^

  6. Protip: You can display a list of your tags on the blog by enabling that opyion.

  7. Thanks for the tip Stefan. I still sort of getting all my tags together. I'll probably activate that feature once everything is Sorted out. ^_^

    :-D Thanks Beauty of Smelly Feet. ^_^

  8. Yeah the the type of soles that I would love to snuggle up against and fall asleep. ^_^