Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Power Stones: Rouge (Chanukkah Day 2)

Just a light bonus for tonight. Get it light bonus? As in Chanukkah lights. ^_^; my puns leave a lot to be desired. ^_^; In any case...the next fire girl up is the scorching beauty Rouge from the Power Stone videogame series.

(Various webfinds and caps of Rouge from the anime and videogame series. The close ups and dancing scene are from from the episode "Danger Cruise". ;-) Massive thanks to both the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the Scissor Scene Expert Breakthewalls for informing me about this character ^_^)

:-D Rouge manages to provide a double dose of hotness being both a beautiful gypsy fortune teller and a really sexy female fighter. When she activates her power stone, her form changes to take on a much more fiery appearance increasing her abilities in the process (sort of like a super saiya-jin from Dragonball). The really nice thing about her transformation is that she loses her footwear in the process allowing us to gaze upon her attractive bare feet. I have no doubt that this is a ploy on her part to totally destroy her opponents concentration. ^_^ As an added incentive to lose to this girl. Her videogame victory pose has her moving the sole of her foot towards your face. O_O

In both the game and the anime, Rouge is shown to be a really kindhearted and sweet girl; The type that any guy would be lucky to have as a girlfriend. If her dancing and fighting skills are any indication, she is really flexible and has some well trained and extremely agile feet. I bet that it would be a pleasure to give her a foot massage. ^_^

Ok guys I'll leave you to fantasize about that for a bit but more fire girls still to come as the eight days of Chanukkah continue. ^_^


  1. Wouldn't mind getting dominated by her exotic feet :D

    Nor would I mind get headscissored by those feet :D

  2. mmm loved when she would do that at the end. main reason i would play that game just to see her giving that lovely sole shot

  3. Thanks guys. ^_^

    :-D Getting dominated and scissored by her feet does seem really hot Breakthewalls. ^_^

    :-D Yeah that victory pose is a great way to encourage a gamer to win with her Match. ^_^

  4. HOT! Heheh...

    Rouge is one of the classic barefoot babes in games, one of the rare ones in those days. That's a nice scene from the cartoon, which I think really didn't show her that much or too often. Nice find!

  5. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^

    I was just introduced to this character recently and was blown away by her. She really is a very sexy character. ^_^