Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Disney Invasion Week: Madellaine

Both Match and I were horrified to discover that in the Hunchback of Notre Dame spinoff...Esmeralda was wearing shoes. Yeah, yeah...whoever decided that needs to be slapped very very hard...but on the upside the second female protagonist gives us a little bit of a treat. Enjoy guys!!

(One again I have to give a huge nod of respect toward the Legendary Master of Sole Shots. This time he provides us with another awesome sequence from the Hunchback of Notre Dame II where Madellaine attempts to walk the tightrope. Thanks man ^_^)

Madellaine feet look really cute. :-D I'd definitely give her a standing ovation if I saw her perform.'s time to leave Paris but there's definitely a lot more Disney fun ahead.

Until Next Time Guys!!



  1. i agree, Esmerelda is supposed to be a barefoot beauty, those guys are idiots for changing that

    but i do agree with u again KSC, Madellaine's feet are cute indeed

  2. It's not Just her feet Match,the rest of her is cute as well.

    Also,in that Disney-Sailor Moon pic,Madellaine was Sailor Uranus.

    Can't wait to see more. I'm really enjoying this Disney theme of yours,KSC.

  3. i know sffan, but that is self explanatory lol

  4. Great pictures, but couldn't the Disney animators have her toenails be showing in the first shots, too?

    This is one instance where CGI has it over traditional cel animation in terms of detail.