Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Disney Invasion Week: Ariel

Ok...I have to give a disclaimer for this one. These caps contain a dangerously high level of barefoot awesomeness. Please watch them at your own risk. Neither Anime Feet nor the Master of Sole Shots will be held accountable should you decide to scroll down. That said here's a tribute to Ariel.

(These were capped from the Little Mermaid movie by none other then the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself who really pulled out all the stops for this one. (Thanks again man). I'd also like to give an honorable mention to Daniel Wickie for bringing up and reminding me about this scene. )

There's no possible way I could do a tribute to the lovely women of Disney without the Little Mermaid. Ariel is one of the hottest Disney characters ever. In fact this spunky redhead pushes the sexy envelope so much that it's hard to believe they got away with posting her in a children's film (Seashell Bra?) but I'm definitely not complaining. Sex appeal aside, Ariel is a great character. She might be a headstrong teenager but she fights for what's in her heart plus her fun, curious and playful personality make it hard not to like her. She's really great and of course the scenes above push her over the top.

As a film, I admire the Little Mermaid tremendously. This movie breathed new life into Disney's fairy tale genre with its beautiful animation, outstanding storyline, great cast of characters and impressive musical score. The pairing of composer Alan Menken and lyricist Howard Ashman created some of Disney's most memorable songs ever. I remember when the movie first came out there wasn't a student in my school who couldn't sing "Under the Sea" word for word (accent and all). ^_^

Ok...out of all the Disney foot related moments I posted or will post...Ariel has arguably the best ones (with the possible exception of one upcoming girl). In fact the scene where she shows her sole to the camera and wiggles her toes is my personal favorite and I was really looking forward to posting this since the disney tribute started.

So am I done with Disney yet? Nope!!! Definitely much more to come including an awesome follow up to this bonus. Stay tuned everyone.


  1. I like Ariel as well. Her VA is just plain awesome.

    Also,in that Disney-Sailor Moon pic,Out favorite Disney Red-head was Sailor Moon.

  2. all that work i put into getting those was well worth it, got to love how she shows off her fondness for her lovely new soles

    also sffan, what is this Disney-Sailor Moon pics u keep talking about

  3. It's only one pic but it's Awesome,Check it out.

    I think Ariel makes a great Sailor Moon.....even though she lacks the hair style.

  4. A classic scene. I love it, but I also love to see her in her sleepwear.

    Speaking of sleep and dreams, did I just dream of it or somebody posted in this blog that Jasmine appears barefoot once? I would so like to see that.

  5. dont worry, Jasmine does appear barefoot in a rare episode that i did find a while back, the pics should be up soon

  6. i thought you would post the transformation scene too. God! in that scene ariel show us her nice arches :) :D

  7. WoW, Great Caps. Ariel was one of the many Girl's Feet I loved most when I was growing up

  8. could you make a repeating animation out of the Ariel legs scene?

  9. Yeah, i was thinking about that when this came out. You should post the transformation scene. I think it is exciting seeig legs being formed and have an excellent close up of her feet and her magnificent arches :). Sorry if i'm upsetting you.

  10. With Ariel, I bet she wouldn't mind having her feet tickled at all

  11. I love Ariel's barefeet.

    I always have a crush on Ariel.

  12. That scene when Ariel looks her feet for the first time and wiggled her toes launched a thousand foot fetishes.