Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did I overload?

just testing out blogger.


  1. Wow...looks like posting over 50 caps each for Sadira,Jasmine, Kim Possible and Shego...followed by over 100 caps of Jane sent my blog into shock. ^_^;

    Luckily this break in between resolved the problem. Sorry guys I'll try to go easier on your modems in the future.

  2. Just a technical issue. Basically I posted so many caps that my modem or blogger (I'm not really sure which) couldn't keep up when I added the Jane caps to the my main blog page. It wouldn't show anything other than the blog title. Maybe I was attempting to display too much posting over 450 pictures at once.

    I added this break entry in between to fix this issue knocking about 50 caps off the front page. Luckily, it seemed to have worked.

    Talk about barefoot awesomeness overload. ^_^;

  3. compared what is about to come this is barely a bleep muhahaha

  4. O_O Yeah this is definitely something to watch out for with the upcoming one. :-D

    Everyone's modems is about to get a really workout. ^_^