Thursday, February 5, 2009

Golden Boy: Ayuko Haramizu

Here's a sexy swim instructor from Golden Boy. Enjoy Guys!!

(This is from the Golden Boy episode: "Swimming in the Sea of Love". A Massive Thank you to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding and capping this episode)

It's obvious this sexy swimming teacher keeps her body in good shape. The animators did a great job with her and I like her tanned feet very much. Slight warning about Golden's a very mature anime so just be careful what you're getting into before you start hunting it down. That said...for those that dare to swim in the deep water, this series is pretty fun to watch.

Ok...Tommorow (if everything goes according to plan ^_^;) ...Me and Match25 will begin a weeklong Mega-tribute to a select group of classic hotties.

Stay tuned for it guys!!!



  1. does anyone else besides me want to sign up for a swim class all of a sudden and hopes that they could get extra credit by giving the teacher massages?

  2. Yup I'd love to try that too Match. ^_^

    She's also a very motivational teacher. It's no wonder that Kintaro was able to swim so fast. I'd be swimming like a dolphin to catch up to those sexy soles too.

  3. Yeah Richfeet, the animation in this show rocks. ^_^

  4. Hey KSC,here:

    And I have more links where that cme from.

  5. she wasnt barefoot once in those pics sffan

  6. yeah,but her boots are removable.